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Patriot Campers Launches the Sublime Back to Basics X2 Tourer

Do not be deceived by that title; the X2 Tourer is essentially the revival and evolution of the original, award-winning Patriot Camper trailer. The new X2 Tourer is designed and built to achieve a balance of simplicity and innovation, offering a lightweight, highly comfortable, and ultra-capable camping experience. The Patriot Camper’s team is nothing if not industrious. Just a few months ago, they launched the Gen2 model range, which includes the X1-N, X1, and the top of the range, live-in X3. The X2 now completes the Gen2 lineup. Notably, the X2 will be marketed at a more accessible price point, great news for anyone in the market for an Australian-built trailer with a reputation for quality and Down Under toughness.

A standout feature of the X2 is the first-ever fully integrated A-Frame style hard shell rooftop tent, which has been innovatively designed and manufactured entirely by Patriot Campers. This tent’s “tropical roof” design adds to the camper’s robust construction and provides benefits such as condensation management in cooler climates, thanks to its ability to let moisture breathe through the canvas.

The interior of the rooftop tent is designed with comfort as a priority, featuring a spacious mattress and large zippable windows on either side, along with a front window that rolls out, ensuring consistent airflow. The tent has LED lighting, interior camp scene lighting, and two USB charging outlets, all adjustable through buttons or a dedicated app. Adding to the convenience, the tent can be accessed through two entry points: an integrated ladder at the drawbar and a detachable side ladder, with a dedicated storage space for the latter when not in use.

Constructed from lightweight aluminum, the X2 Tourer showcases a slick and contemporary look characterized by a smooth finish with hard-tooled body panels and compression latches. Its new Concrete Grey finish, updated front and rear end design, all-new steel wheels, and black UV-stable vinyl decals add to its style and off-road capabilities. The X2 is as good-looking as any other Patriot Camper trailer, with sleek lines and a high-quality finish, which we would be proud to tow into the bush.

The X2 is the lightest in the Patriot Campers range, with a dry tare weight of 1,873 pounds (850 kg), thanks to a new patent-pending body panel construction method that replaces welded joins with bonded composite components to sheet metal, enhancing flexibility and strength.

Off-road readiness is a key aspect of the X2, featuring a 36-degree departure angle, a sturdy all-steel rear bumper, 17-inch steel wheels, and 33-inch mud terrain tires. The X-Cruise suspension system and 12-inch electric brakes ensure stability and control in challenging terrains. The chassis of the X2, made from hot-dipped galvanized steel Rigilite, looks robust and ready for the beach, and the spare tire is housed underneath the trailer.

Electronics in the X2 are managed through the Redarc TVMS or a dedicated app, offering an efficient power management system with rapid DC charging capabilities (for US models, a REDARC 110-volt inverter is included). The camper also features two fixed 120-watt solar panels on the rooftop tent, providing a sustainable power source for off-grid adventures. The L-shaped kitchen is practical and functional, with a durable stainless steel countertop and a fridge compartment capable of accommodating a 75-liter Dometic fridge (optional).

Water management is a crucial feature, with a 150-liter capacity run through an improved filler and breather system, repositioned in the chassis for better stability off-road. The flip-up jockey wheel makes connecting and disconnecting the tow vehicle easier.

For extended outdoor coverage, the GEN2 X2 features the PCOR Awning, made from lightweight Hexocore material with a UPF 50+ rating and integrated poles and guy ropes. The optional (and highly recommended) multi-room is a new design that offers versatility for dining, relaxation, or extra guest accommodation, with a simple setup process involving velcro attachment, one bow, and guy ropes.

Customization options include a rear storage slide system for improved storage capabilities, progressive rate airbags for the suspension system, and a choice of 17-inch Signature Wheels by PCOR in satin black or machined finish. Additionally, a 1,200-watt Redarc RS3 inverter is available for powering electronic devices, and the fridge compartment can house a CFX3 75-liter fridge/freezer from Dometic.

Patriot X2 Tourer

The list of standard equipment and optional accessories is extensive; we recommend having a good browse of the Patriot Campers when configuring your X2 Tourer.

From $42,200 | patriotcampers.com.au

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