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Patriot Campers Debuts Gen2 Model Range of Camper Trailers

If you want to learn about business, speak to an American; if you’re going to learn about engineering, the Japanese have you covered. And, if you want to learn a thing or two about off-road trailers, the Australians are the undisputed experts, with the South Africans and Americans chomping at their heels. Recently, we have written about new trailers from Australian manufacturers Tuff Track, Brüder, and the Wedgetail slide-in camper; the Patriot camper trailers come from a proud national tradition, facing stiff competition, leading to innovative products and a win for us all. Yay, capitalism.

Patriot Campers has expanded its already impressive range of products by introducing the Gen2 Model Range, known as the X-Range (X1-N, X1, and X3). So, what sets these trailers apart from each other? Well, the X1-N is exclusively designed to haul gear and provide amenities with the addition of an Exorack system-mounted tent; the X1 adds to the features of the XL-N by sleeping up to six people and includes an awning and additional tent, while the X3 takes comfort and storage up a notch while offering indoor living for a couple.

“We’ve taken everything we’ve learned over the past decade and incorporated it into this new Gen 2 range. Our customers can expect enhanced convenience, performance, and style,”

said Director of Patriot Campers Justin Montesalvo.

Patriot Campers

One of the standout features of the X-Range is the all-new, electronic hard roof available on the X1 and X3 Gen2 camper trailers. These remote-controlled composite hard-top roofs offer effortless opening and closing at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for heavy lifting. Designed with families in mind, the X1’s tent, including the optional kids’ room, conveniently packs into the hard roof. This feature not only saves time during packup but also expedites the setup process, and all models in the lineup come standard with central locking. Soft touch buttons on all doors provide easy access to the camper, replacing clunky external latches and enhancing security and convenience. Patriot Campers has introduced a robust Australian-made canvas awning for the Gen 2 trailers to improve outdoor comfort further.

The Gen2 camper trailers boast a redesigned body constructed from lightweight aluminum, and the doors on the Gen2 X-Range feature foam-core filling, which enhances insulation, eliminates condensation, reduces weight, minimizes noise, and boosts overall strength. This cutting-edge design features hard-tooled body panels with concealed hinges, providing a smooth finish and a contemporary look. The patent-pending body panel construction of composite components bonded to sheet metal combines maximum flexibility with strength in the monocoque construction. With no welding anywhere in the body design, the goal is to improve the longevity of moving components susceptible to metal fatigue.

Patriot Campers

The front end of the Gen2 lineup showcases a textured black, UV-stable, and impact-resistant exterior. The newly designed front box reduces the overall tare weight while maintaining strength and durability. A standout feature of the Gen2 lineup is the all-new Rigilite chassis. This chassis is made from hot-dipped galvanized steel and offers strength and compactness, providing a solid foundation for the camper trailer. The extended single-variant chassis comes standard with a neatly stored spare tire up front. In another significant upgrade, the Gen2 X-Range now features 12-inch electric drum brakes, replacing the previously used 10-inch brakes for enhanced stopping power.

Patriot Campers

Moving inside, the X1 and X1-N models offer a 30 percent larger kitchen than previous models and increased bench space. Further enhancing the kitchen functionality, the L-shaped scratch-resistant kitchen in all Gen2 models (including the X3) features a 75-liter Dometic fridge compartment, an increase from the previous 55-liter capacity in the X1 and X1-N models. Rolling out the fridge slide reveals a modern stainless steel sink, a cleverly designed cutlery drawer, a pop-up bench above the sink, and a towel rack underneath.

The Gen2 models feature a powerful battery management system that offers rapid charging and accepts multiple inputs simultaneously, including solar power and Anderson plug connections. The high-voltage accessory shore power comes standard across all Gen2 X-Range models to ensure that campers are always connected and have reliable and efficient power management.

Patriot Campers

A comprehensive LED lighting suite, fully dimmable and app-controlled, provides versatile and customizable lighting options, with four dimmable, external underbody Camp Scene lights, two awning lights, and interior lighting integrated into the camper trailer. The camper’s app allows easy control of all lighting and electronic features from the comfort of your campfire chair.

Patriot Campers

New gas and diesel hot water systems provide hot water on demand to the kitchen sink and the fixed shower hose, ensuring the luxury of warm water when needed. An optional diesel heater will heat the X1 and X3 effectively; heating vents encircle the main bed area to ensure efficient heat distribution throughout the trailer.

For extended adventures, the upgraded 150-liter water tank in the Gen2 models allows campers to explore farther and stay longer. The improved filler and breather system, repositioned in the chassis, provides better stability off-road and optimizes the camper trailer’s center of gravity.

Patriot Campers

Patriot Campers has reimagined the gas bottle compartments in the Gen2 lineup, introducing new swing-out doors. These doors enable easy and comfortable sliding of heavy gas bottles, eliminating the need for lifting. The gas bottle guards have also been upgraded to molded composites, enhancing durability and aesthetics.

The Gen 2 trailers are now available for pre-order from Australian distributors, with international distribution expected by early 2024. Patriot Camper Gen 1 camper trailers are available in the US, specifically in the Patriot Campers Las Vegas showroom.

Patriot Campers X1-N Gen2 Trailer from $46 500

Patriot Campers X1 Gen2 Trailer from $57 000

Patriot Campers X3 Gen2 Trailer from $67 000


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