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The New Brüder EXP-7 Trailer Blends Luxury and Aussie Toughness

Catering to well-heeled adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts, Brüder, based in Brisbane, Australia, has emerged as a leading name in the outdoor trailer industry thanks to its range of highly capable outdoor trailers. Their latest offering, the Brüder EXP-7 trailer, is built to take on the roughest terrain in style with two different variants available globally, the EXP-7 PT (pop top) and the EXP-7 GT (hard top).

Brüder EXP-7 Trailer

The EXP-7 design is all about capability and comfort; the trailer offers sleeping and seating space for up to six people, with features such as a couch, fold-up seat, climate control, and a swivel table to support your drinks and snacks while you try to relax and watch the Springboks smash the Wallabies (the Australian national rugby team) on the flat-screen smart TV.

Convenience is key in the EXP-7, with personal items always within reach. Charging outlets and wireless options are conveniently located around the master bed, with dedicated book storage. The bathroom is easily accessible and equipped with a toilet, basin, shower, and storage for personal items, ensuring the comfortable camping experience you expect from a top-end trailer. But, all that luxury would be moot in a trailer built primarily for off-road exploration without a robust and functional body, frame, and suspension.

The EXP-7 PT features the Brüder roof lifting mechanism, allowing users to lower the roof when storing or towing the trailer, and raise it with a press of a button on the Brüder control hub or via their phone upon reaching the destination. The EXP-7 GT boasts a fixed roofline that provides additional storage space and a higher level of insulation, making it more suitable than the EXP-7 PT for extreme climates. The hydronic diesel-powered internal heating and hot water features in both EXP-7 models (which works by heating a tank of coolant using a diesel furnace and then using this to heat water through built-in heat exchangers, the coolant can then be piped to fan heads to allow optional air heating) should keep occupants warm and toasty.

Brüder EXP-7 Trailer

One of the key highlights of the EXP-7 is its innovative frame design. Brüder has developed a new frame range that reduces weight and encapsulates the body’s inherent strength, creating a robust platform for durability and an extended life cycle. The chassis and suspension have been designed to operate in symmetry, complementing each other to ensure optimal performance and safety both on and off-road.

Brüder EXP-7 Trailer

Beneath the frame, the Brüder EXP-7 trailer features the patented Brüder suspension system, which is featured on all Brüder trailers and has apparently been rigorously tested on six continents, covering over 100,000 kilometers over every type of terrain. The sealed and airtight chassis is specifically designed to prevent sand, mud, and water penetration. Additionally, the EXP-7 boasts fully sealed through tubes, eliminating any lines or hoses below the chassis’ underside that could be damaged.

The Brüder suspension system sets the EXP-7 apart from other dual-axle off-road trailers by offering class-leading usable wheel travel. This suspension system allows the trailer to effortlessly traverse undulating and uneven terrain, providing superior ride quality and the ability to level out on virtually any sloping camp spot with just the touch of a button. By keeping the wheels on the ground and minimizing weight fluctuations on the tow vehicle, the EXP-7 significantly improves towing performance and safety.

When it comes to the construction of the EXP-7, Brüder has utilized unique body structures and materials to achieve a balance between weight reduction and strength. The body is made from up to 60-millimeter-thick marine-grade, closed-cell, quad weave and epoxy-bonded composite. These advanced bonding techniques and the chassis/body interaction reduce high-frequency vibrations and create a thermally sound and acoustically insulated body.

The exterior of the EXP-7 is designed to seamlessly blend inside and outside living, optimizing space utilization and maximizing shelter. The curved roller kitchen has been crafted to create a greater sense of space and allows easier access to the interior. Electronic awnings are fitted to both sides of the trailer, extending your living spaces, while the rear hatch provides instant access to the electronics and the washing machine or storage area. At the rear, storage compartments are designed to accommodate jerry cans or any other items needed for outdoor adventure.

One of the standout features of the EXP-7 is its narrow dimensions, allowing it to fit down tight tracks and trails that are inaccessible to many off-road trailers.

Retailing at around $160,000, before optional extras, the desirable Brüder EXP-7, fills the gap between the current Brüder EXP-4, EXP-6, and EXP-8. The Brüder EXPe does seem to offer an excellent combination of luxury and ruggedness for outdoor enthusiasts. To better understand the Brüder trailer offering, you can read our review of the Brüder EXP-6 here.


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