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Tuffy Flip-up License Plate Holder for Roller Fairlead

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that bring us pleasure, and if you happen to live in a state that requires a front-mounted license plate, then this flip-up license plate holder from Tuffy should put a smile on your face. Constructed from 16-gauge steel with a powder-coat finish, this license plate holder mounts to the fairleads on your vehicle’s winch. Hinges allow your plate to rotate upward, giving unrestricted access when it’s time to get your buddy unstuck.


Tuffy Flip-up License Plate Holder| $24 | Tuffy Products

Rumpl + Aaron Draplin Blanket Collab

Aaron Draplin, who grew up in the Midwest on a “steady stream of Lego, Star Wars, family trips, little sisters, summer beach fun, stitches, fall foliage, drawing, skateboarding, and snowboarding,” is the mind behind Draplin Design Co. With a history at Snowboarder magazine, his bold designs and thick line art were refined in the Pacific Northwest, where Draplin Design Co. has been operating independently since 2004.

Rumpl, the original outdoor blanket maker, has teamed up with Draplin Design Co. to offer this colorful collaborative project. Via Rumpl: “He created original DDC artwork for the Original Puffy Blanket making this the coziest Draplin poster ever. A DDC patch is included inside every stuff sack.”


Rumpl + Aaron Draplin Blanket Collab | $129 | Rumpl

Yamaha e-Bikes

Perhaps you saw our recent press release covering Yamaha’s first full-suspension e-bikes. If not, here’s the deal: Yamaha has been pioneering e-bike technology since the late ’80s. Over the years, they have refined their design and technology, and thanks to the increased demand for e-bikes, they have just released their first full-suspension all-mountain models: the YDX Moro and YDX Moro Pro.

A lithium battery nested in the center of the unique, split-frame of the Moro delivers 500 watts of pedal-assisted riding power. This simultaneously provides added protection for the battery while lowering the center of gravity for the rider, offering a better riding experience. And speaking of riding experience, one major concern of long-time mountain bikers is that an e-MTB will ruin the riding experience. But in the case of the Moro, a quad-sensor system ensures the seamless integration of pedal assistance that Yamaha promises will maintain the natural riding experience. These e-MTBs will let you ride farther and for longer while still keeping the fun and soul of the sport.


Yamaha YDX Moro and Moro Pro e-Bikes | $4,499 – $5,499 | Yamaha

Magpul Helix Eyewear


Magpul is a household name among firearms enthusiasts thanks to their high-quality accessories: magazines, stocks, slings, and more. New to Magpul’s offerings are the Helix ballistic-rated sunglasses which are offered in polarized and non-polarized versions.

Magpul designed the Helix for individuals that live an active lifestyle who want professional-grade eye protection with an uncompromised field of view and breathability. “The Helix excels in humid or wet environments where moisture and condensation cause normal lenses to fog or collect water. Its lens and frame design shed sweat and moisture, keeping your field of view clear. The interchangeable lens system also allows the wearer to transition to lower-light operations with a clear lens or facilitates easy replacement of the lenses when needed.”

The Magpul Helix is Z87+ and MIL-PRF 32432 standard rated.


Magpul Helix Eyewear | $149 | Magpul

Helinox Bench One

When it comes to purchasing comfortable camp seating, we often have to prioritize comfort or weight. But Korea-based camp furniture manufacturer Helinox has challenged that dichotomy and proved that a collapsible chair can be both. Utilizing DAC aluminum alloy tubing to create the strong and lightweight structure of their products, Helinox offers a wide range of seating options, from sub-1-pound backpacking chairs to lightweight rockers, cots, tables, and now multi-person seating.

The Bench One is a functional and beautiful camp seat for two. Weighing in at just 4 pounds, 10 ounces, it has a seating capacity of 320 pounds and packs down to a diminutive 18 inches. Utilizing the same high-quality DAC aluminum alloy poles that Helinox chairs are known for, the Bench One comes with a 5-year warranty.


Helinox Bench One | $300 | Helinox

Ignik Gas Growler

The company’s motto, “Green isn’t good enough,” has a couple of messages. It’s a reference to the idea that we can always seek ways to reduce our footprint on the planet, and also a nod to the fact that over 48 million single-use, green 1-pound fuel bottles are discarded into landfills every year (most recycling facilities will not take them). Ignik seeks to change this with its refillable, 5-pound gas growler.

While refillable, LPG tanks are nothing new. But the widely available standard 20 pounders are unwieldy and often unnecessarily large for most weekend and even week-long adventures. However, the 5-pound LPG tank is a much better balance of capacity and portability. And with the addition of Ignik’s beautifully-crafted canvas protective case, it will be a welcome addition to your camping gear. The padded case has MOLLE webbing loops sewn around it so you can secure your fuel for transport, and the included LPG hose has a connection for use with your LPG devices that take green 1-pound tanks (no adaptor required).


Ignik Gas Growler | $130 | Ignik

Snapmount Magnetic GoPro Mount

The ongoing search for the best way to mount your GoPro (and other action cameras) may never end, but for the time being, the Snapmount is an innovative and flexible solution that has captured our attention.

The Snapmount uses N52 rare-earth magnets to securely attach to most metallic surfaces or any material that is 1/4 inch or less. This flexibility enables a host of creative mounting options for filmmakers. Using multiple Snapmount adaptors will let you quickly swap your action camera between mounting positions, allowing you to capture various camera angles in a much shorter amount of time. If you have a GoPro, the Snapmount is compatible with just about every model that has been made, including the session (4/5), and the DJI Osmo Mobile. Last but not least, a tether ensures that even if you get too extreme for the magnetic security of the Snapmount, you won’t lose your camera.


Snapmount for GoPro | $40| Snapmount

Rever App w/New Twisty Roads Feature

Rever is a smartphone app and web-based navigation platform that will help you find “the best roads, race tracks, or off-road trails near you.” By signing up for the Pro version ($48/year), you’ll be able to utilize offline maps, export GPX tracks from your adventures, create social communities to share your best tracks, and enjoy many other premium navigation tools.

A lot of travelers share the common belief that an adventure is about the journey, not just the destination. That’s why Rever recently launched its new “Twisty Roads” algorithm. To use this feature, pro users can toggle the Twisty Roads switch while route planning, and the Rever app will deliver the “…twistiest route to get you where you want to go. Not only does Twisty Roads avoid highways, but it seeks secondary streets and roads just for the hell of it. The simplicity of allowing the software to create the route can be really fun and might just take you on a route that you never would have thought of by simply planning it yourself.”


Rever App | Free – $48/annually | Rever

DPX HEST/F 3.0 Titanium Mr. DP Folding Knife

DPX Gear is much more than a knife manufacturer; they create “hostile environment survival tools.” Founder Robert Young Pelton has over 30 years of experience in conflict zones, wilderness, and hard-use environments where he has learned what it takes to build these tools. The DPX Hest is their flagship folding knife, and the DPX Hest/F 3.0 Titanium Mr. DP folding knife is a special edition blade to celebrate 10 years as one of the “top knife companies.”

The Mr. DP is manufactured in Maniago, Italy, by LionSteel, a knife maker that has received awards for its high-quality work. It has an M390 tool steel blade, hollowed-out titanium scales, and a 440 stainless lock bar insert. The reversible pocket clip and ambidextrous thumb nib are friendly to left- or right-handed users. A tungsten-carbide glass breaker, 1/4-inch hex socket driver/lanyard hole, wire strippers, and bottle opener round out this unique blade’s features.


DPX HEST/F 3.0 Ti Knife | $375 | DPX Gear

Eibach Pro-Truck Lift System for Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD J100

Looking to give your 100-series Toyota Land Cruiser (1998-2007) some extra clearance? Eibach’s lift system can give you an additional 2.75 inches up front, and 2.5 inches in the rear, and consists of Pro-Lift-Kit springs and Pro-Truck Sport shocks that create a “perfectly tuned suspension system engineered for both on- and off-road performance.”

Thanks to precision shock valving, Eibach claims that their system can tackle large obstacles on the trail while maintaining and even improving upon road comfort and performance. This kit is designed to offer maximum ride height without compromising the Toyota factory bushings, ball joints, and other components.

Note: The front factory torsion bar must be adjusted to reach the desired ride height.


Eibach Pro-Truck Lift System for Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD J100 | $545 | Eibach

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