Overland News of the Week

Luno Seatback Organizer

The problem with those knee-height pockets in the back of your vehicle seats? Eventually, they just become one big pocket full of food crumbs, old tissues, and who-knows-what-else. That’s why the Luno Seatback Organizer is a breath of fresh air. It attaches to your seat’s headrest, putting it at eye level where it helps keep travel essentials nicely organized in a variety of pockets. It’s made from durable nylon Cordura and has a tear-away zippered pouch that can be quickly and easily removed to take with you when you leave your rig.


Luno Seatback Organizer | $40 | Luno



Xero Shoes Alpine Snow Boot

Xero Shoes designs flexible minimalist footwear that seeks to let us walk as if we were barefoot. Their Alpine Snow Boot is minimalist cold-weather protection for your feet, offering the same wide toe box and zero-drop sole that they utilize in the rest of their shoes. A seam-sealed inner bootie and weather-resistant membrane in the boots’ upper delivers protection from snow, slush, and water while a polyester fleece lining and heat-reflective sole provide warmth. The Alpine has 200 grams of insulation, giving the boots a -25°C comfort rating while weighing in at 15 ounces (each).


Xero Shoes Alpine Snow Boot | $150 | Xero



Rux Organization System


Slated for an Indiegogo campaign starting on November 10, the Rux organization system is a cross between a cargo box, tote bag, and duffel. So, in a world with so many gear storage and organization options, what makes Rux different? First of all, it’s constructed from a pliable yet seemingly durable TPU-coated nylon. This means that it’s flexible and collapsible, saving you precious space when not in use. The wide, rigid opening, stowable lid, modular straps, and square shape all appear to be functional design elements. Time will tell!


Rux Organization System | Price TBD | Rux



Rumpl x Snow Peak: Nanoloft Takibi Blanket


Have you ever been sitting around a campfire, enjoying a beverage with your trail mates, when all of a sudden, a shower of embers explodes from the campfire, melting holes in your puffy jacket or camp blanket? Well, now you can rest easy because Rumpl and Snow Peak have teamed up to deliver the Takibi—a fire-resistant camp blanket with a ripstop Aramid fiber face fabric on one side that sheds embers like water off a duck’s back.


Rumpl x Snow Peak: Nanoloft Takibi Blanket | $299 | Rumpl



Helinox Cot Max Convertible

Getting a good night’s sleep on the trail is a challenge many of you are likely familiar with, especially if you are tenting it. And even if you do manage to find a sleeping pad that is thick enough, if you are taller or wider than average, you might still be left wanting for a better solution. The Cot Max might be the answer. This collapsible, packable cot is 2.5 inches wider and 7.5 inches longer than their standard cot, with a weight capacity of 320 pounds. User reviews commend it for accommodating folks who are 6-feet, 5-inches tall, all while remaining compact enough to fit in (some) motorcycle top boxes.


Helinox Cot Max Convertible | $430 | Helinox



Crashpad Gear Wheel Bag Junior

Don’t let the name fool you. The Junior will fit on tires up to 35 inches in diameter. It’s made from heavy-duty, hard-coated, waterproof canvas and is the perfect place to store things like camp trash or firewood when you are out exploring the trails or taking a long road trip. The PVC lining makes it easy to hose out if it gets dirty, and an eyelet in the bottom allows for drainage.


Crashpad Gear Wheel Bag Junior | $119 | Crashpad Gear


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