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Tuffy Mid-Size SUV Cargo Security

When traveling locally and abroad, security is always an issue. We have taken a few security measures with hidden storage areas to ensure that no sticky fingers get hold of our invaluable hard drives and gear. Money can be replaced, but the loss of hard drives with precious memories and data hurts a lot more. That’s why the Tuffy brand has always been a go-to for many. They manufacture heavy-duty high-security drawers and boxes, and Tuffy now offers mid-size SUV owners a drawer mount that replaces the rear seat, making it a secure cargo storage.

$979 | tuffyproducts.com


Hitchfire’s New Ledge Platform

If you’re in the market for a multi-purpose storage area that attaches directly to your vehicle’s hitch mount, look no further than the Ledge. Hitchfire is well-known in the industry for the Hitchfire Grill, and the company is constantly developing new concepts for hitch storage. The Ledge offers a simple solution sized at 17 x 31.5 inches for storing gear but also for prepping food and storing any bulky cargo of up to 100 pounds. If you have a small overland vehicle and need extra space without having to unload your whole setup, then this is ideal.

$325 | hitchfire.com


ARB Base Rack Kits

I love roof racks and their versatility. The idea that I could have four different racks for different cargo sounds like a grand idea but not practical. Introducing the Base Rack Kit, which allows variety and versatility in one package. The rack’s construction is fully-welded aluminum, and the lightweight yet robust rack can be easily mounted. The dovetail extrusion attachment system will allow you to easily mount several accessories or roof loads such as auxiliary lights, recovery boards, and jerry cans. As an added bonus, a wind deflector is included with the kit, saving you a few bucks on fuel while reducing wind noise.

Starting from $860 | arb.com


Twisted Throttle LLC joins Vision X

The Vision X Group, a contract manufacturer of lamps designed by Denali Electronics, has been joined by Twisted Throttle. The group now offers premium LED lighting, electrical accessories, and bolt-on products for motorcycles with hard and soft luggage and protection parts. You can see the group’s vast range of products at twistedthrottle.com, denalielectronics.com, and visionxusa.com.

Vision X

SeaSucker – Temporary attachment points for RV Exteriors

When scouring the internet for no-drill mounts, SeaSucker’s website offers the most comprehensive range we have seen so far, from camping and RV’ing to boating. If a SeaSucker mount can hold three dive tanks without fail successfully, you know you have found a superior product. Their new Basic Cleat and Stainless Steel D-Ring can stay mounted for days on end, with a quick pump on the power button and with a load rating of up to 210 pounds; the 6-inch cleat acts as a temporary attachment point for various items such an awning to a string of lights.

Starting from $59 | seasucker.com



CamelBak ChillBak Pack 30

Whether on a day hike, a day spent on the beach, or a long lazy Sunday cruise, this soft backpack cooler is ideal. The construction is sturdy, with a waist belt for added stability, a padded back panel, and shoulder straps.

The main cooler area has a roll-top closure for single-hand access (eliminating the need to put down your spritzer) and has the capacity to hold 24 beverage cans and 15 pounds of ice which will stay cool for up to 72 hours. As an added bonus, an exterior 6-liter water (or cocktail) bladder with a hose and spigot gives you immediate access without needing to open the main compartment. Needless to say, we are impressed.

$300 | camelbak.com



Cru-Coon from Crua

If you love camping but hate the idea of listening to the screams of joyful children late into the night or the thumping of a stereo from late-night campers, this Cru-Coon will have you asleep in no time. This can be your quiet and safe space or time-out area. It’s designed with ease and convenience in mind and can be used indoors or outdoors, in light rain (it is water resistant) or sunshine (it has two doors and ventilation), but the best and most important feature of the Cru-Coon is that it dampens out sound and blocks out light.

The Cru-Coon launches on Kickstarter on August 16, but if you opt in, you can get a discount of 35 percent.



Springbar Canvas Tents

Glamping might suit you better if you don’t enjoy camping and sleeping uncomfortably in a small two-person tent (which coincidentally never fits two large man-sized men). Springbar Canvas Tents are cut and handsewn in a factory in Salt Lake City and have been in business since 1961. They have a variety of wind and water-resistant canvas tents available that are sized for real people. Their smallest compact tent is 6 x 8 feet with a 52-inch ceiling, and their largest, the family camper, is 10 x 14 feet with three full-height windows.

And surprisingly, it should only take you 10 minutes at most to set it up (and yes, there is a short but informative video tutorial available to assist).

Springbar also manufactures wood-burning stoves that can be used in conjunction with their Hot Tents.

Starting from $650 | springbar.com


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