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Kahtoola EXOspikes

If you’re one of those people who don’t like to let snow and ice slow you down, having traction devices for your footwear is a simple, low-cost investment that will go a long way. Kahtoola makes many high-quality devices, but their new EXOspikes seek to improve on previous designs with better traction and improved durability. They claim that their industry-first TPU traction matrix is more abrasion-resistant and lighter than steel while offering grip on a wide variety of surfaces.

Kahtoola EXOspikes | $60 | Kahtoola


Sena Smart Intercom Pairing

If you already own a Sena device, you may have noticed a new feature in your product’s app labeled SIP or Smart Intercom Pairing. In a nutshell, this new option makes Bluetooth pairing even easier across the range of Sena’s (more than 60) devices. An improved and easier user experience means less time configuring options and devices and more time doing what you love: riding your bike. SIP streamlines the process of connecting devices and even lets you connect to a friend’s Sena product via your smartphone app without turning on the intercom (the device will then connect automatically the next time it is turned on).

Sena Smart Intercom Pairing | Free | Sena


KC HiLights M Rack System

Offered with either a C-series or PRO6 light bar and side blackout plates, the KC HiLights M Rack system is their “ultimate roof rack solution.” What exactly does that mean? The M Rack series benefits from a low-profile, aerodynamic design that is precision machined from lightweight aluminum to fit the contours of your specific vehicle. The integrated front-facing LED light bar, optional side LED floods, and rear-facing LED chase light bar seek to make your offroad world considerably brighter. Visit the KC HiLights website to see the full list of vehicle fitment options.

KC HiLights M Rack System | $1605-$2,889+ | KC HiLights

Salsa EXP Series Bike bags

Salsa’s EXP range of bike bags and mounting brackets encompasses a wide variety of cargo-hauling solutions for bicycle-dependent travel. The EXP Anything Cradle is a handlebar-mounted bracket with non-slip TPU adjustable straps that can secure a wide variety of cargo, which pairs nicely with Salsa’s EXP series dry bags (there are a variety of different options). The EXP Anything Cage is another cargo mounting solution that will mount anywhere on your bike that accepts a water bottle cage. It is especially well-suited to secure the EXP series Anything Cage bag, a top-loading dry bag with a quick-release roll-top closure, and a flat TPU bottom that lets it stand up on flat surfaces. The full EXP range also includes triangle bags, seat-post bags, top-tube bags, and more. See the Salsa website for the full range of EXP products.

Salsa EXP Series Bike Bags | Prices Vary | Salsa


ICON Alloys Ricochet Wheels

Icon says that their new 15-inch Ricochet wheel is their first wheel specifically designed for the crossover (CUV) market. The 15×7-inch wheels are characterized by a 12-spoke rally-inspired design that is lightweight yet strong, with a 5×100 bolt pattern and +15 millimeter offset. Weighing in just shy of 20 pounds, the Ricochet has a 1,800-pound load rating and is offered in two finishes: satin black or gloss gold. You know you want the gold.

ICON Alloys Ricochet Wheels | $189+ | ICON


Hi-Lift Under Seat Jack Mount

Hi-Lift jacks are an extremely valuable piece of recovery equipment to have on your rig, but they can be very dangerous, and this danger can be exacerbated if they are left out in the elements to get rusty. But if you happen to own a Jeep Gladiator, you are in luck because Hi-Lift has begun producing an under-seat mounting solution, allowing you to securely store your jack inside your rig where it is protected from water. The powder-coated, stamped steel brackets bolt in place via four factory holes under the rear seat of Jeep Gladiators. Once installed, slip your jack onto the two mounting studs and hand tighten the machined aluminum knobs. Hi-Lift will begin shipping their new under-seat jack mounts on November 1.

Hi-Lift Under Seat Jack Mount | $57| Hi-Lift


Restrap Expedition Range of Bags

This small, family-run business that specializes in handmade bicycle soft goods had its humble beginnings as a one-man operation working out of a bedroom. But as founder Nathan’s products were put to use, demand increased, and so did his offerings. Now, his talented team of machinists and designers are following the mantra “Design, build, ride,” as it guides them to their next product. Their Expedition range of bags and panniers are all made from waterproof textiles, ensuring that your gear stays dry, whether you are commuting to work or biking across a continent.

Restrap Expedition Range of Bags | $60-$218 | Restrap


Livsn Designs Flex Canvas Pants

Finding the perfect pair of pants can be challenging. But Livsn Designs aims to change that with their Flex Canvas pants. Think of them as a blend of tactical wear and your favorite pair of jeans. The Flex is constructed with GOTS-certified organic cotton, polyester, and spandex, resulting in a tough-wearing, fast-drying, slightly stretchy, tailored-fit pant. If that’s not enough compound adjectives for you, I don’t know what is. The Flex does a great job of balancing style with function, with a slew of hidden features that are unobtrusive to the eye but there when you need them. They feature a gusseted crotch, articulated knees, zippered security pockets, discrete EDC pockets, roll-up leg system, ventilation, and reinforcements at all stress points.

Livsn Designs Flex Canvas Pants | $99 | Livsn Designs

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