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Ooni Gas-powered 12-inch Pizza Oven

overland news of the week ooni

As someone who grew up less than an hour from Manhattan, I take pizza somewhat seriously. To me, good pizza has a thin crust, and it needs to be cooked quick and hot. Generally, this is difficult to achieve in a conventional oven, let alone while traveling in a vehicle, but there is a solution. Behold, the Ooni gas-powered pizza oven can heat up to 950°F in just 15 minutes for thin-crust baking bliss. It has a stone baking surface to provide an authentic pizza oven cooking experience. Is having a pizza oven in your overlanding rig necessary? No. Is having a pizza oven in your overlanding rig awesome? Yes.

$349 | Ooni


Element Fire Extinguisher

overland news of the week element

One of the scariest experiences I had while traveling full time was watching the dashboard in my 1964 RV fill with smoke as wiring burned up because of a bad ignition switch (and lack of a fuse). I could literally see flames through one of the vents. Luckily for me, I had a fire extinguisher on hand. Ultimately, I didn’t need to use it (the fire went out on its own), but when it comes to fire, you should never count on luck keeping you safe. In my RV, it was easy to find space for a conventional fire extinguisher, but in smaller 4WD vehicles, space constraints can make mounting a fire extinguisher challenging. The Element fire extinguisher seems like a great option since it is approximately the size of a road flare and is operated in much the same way, by removing the cap and using it to strike/ignite the chemical (which is non-toxic). It’s especially useful on the road as it can help extinguish all four fire classes.

Starting at $80 | Element


Gerber Double Down Machete

overland news of the week gerber doubledown

I’m not sure if it’s a first, but I’ve never personally seen a folding machete before like the Double Down from Gerber. At first glance, it looks like an oversized butterfly knife, but upon closer inspection, there is some really clever engineering at work to make it a safe and practical camp blade. Gerber says that it offers the features of a knife, machete, and hatchet all in one. Jimping (the little machined ridges) on the backside of the blade helps your striking stick make positive purchase when using the Double Down to baton (think splitting) pieces of wood. A contoured handle lets users choke up for better blade control when performing more detailed tasks like carving, and an overall length of 15 inches provides improved leverage for chopping tasks. Clever safety stops exist to prevent accidentally closing this big blade on your fingers.

Starting at $139 | Gerber


Beyond Clothing Clutch Field Liner K3 Jacket

overland news of the week beyond

Beyond is not widely known in the outdoor industry (yet), but in a lot of ways, they should be considered a leader in terms of their approach to sustainable clothing design and business. They have multiple lines that are made in the US, participate in many community-focused partnerships, and use fully recycled/compostable packaging for their shipped products. Their new K3 jacket follows their trend of sustainability, being certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX and using Bluesign-certified fabrics. Its military-inspired quilted design is appropriate in urban and wilderness environments, and it is constructed using a mix of PrimaLoft synthetic insulation and DWR-coated ripstop nylon.

$135 | Beyond Clothing


Agawa Boreal 15

overland news of the week agawa

When it comes to small camp tools that perform large amounts of work, look no further than the compact, folding Boreal line of camp saws from Agawa. Sure, camp saws are nothing new, but the cleverly-designed Boreal 15, 21, and 24 (referring to blade length) were designed by a team of engineers and industrial designers, and it shows. The tool-free and fastener-free setup takes seconds, and the frame’s geometry means that just about every inch of the blade is put to use with whatever cutting task lies before you. And if their solid products and long-term warranty aren’t enough, it’s also worth noting that they also donate 1 percent of their annual sales to wildlife conservation efforts.

Starting at $70 | Agawa


Gitzo Légend Tripod

overland news of the week gitzo

When it comes to photography in the outdoors, a solid tripod is an indispensable piece of kit. A steady base lets you shoot more complex subjects like the Milky Way, dim sunrises and sunsets, waterfalls, and it can save you the backbreaking effort of supporting long lenses for extended periods of time while photographing wildlife. And when it comes to tripods, Gitzo is a bit of a legend. That said, their newest carbon-fiber tripod, designed specifically for the traveler and outdoor enthusiast, is aptly named the Légend. Gitzo is taking the crowd-funding approach for this one, which means you can get this new set of sticks for a (relative) bargain. In addition to 5% of campaign proceeds supporting Wild Shots Outreach (an education and scholarship program for young people, opening up eco-employment opportunities in the environmental conservation field), 100 percent of the tripod parts are serviceable/replaceable in case anything breaks. The tripod itself carries an unlimited warranty guarantee repair or replacement from the manufacturer.

$519 | Gitzo on Indiegogo


Nemo Moonlite Reclining Chair

overland news of the week nemo

The Nemo Moonlite reclining camp chair is a lightweight, compact, packable seating solution for the backcountry, and it just won an editor’s choice award from Backpacker magazine. It has an innovative yet simple design that lets users adjust the seatback angle via webbing and metal toggles. It weighs in at just under 2 pounds, yet it can support up to 300 pounds. In its packed configuration, the Moonlite is only slightly larger than a standard 32-ounce Nalgene bottle making it very easy to pack in your rig for comfort at the campsite.

$140 | Nemo


Black Diamond Dawn Patrol Hybrid Shell

overland news of the week black diamond

I remember when the first softshell jackets hit the market and were subsequently gobbled up by consumers eager for stretchy weather protection. But the problem with softshell jackets is that they do not have a waterproof membrane, which means that ultimately, they are not truly waterproof, just water-resistant. While this is not a deal-breaker for certain activities like high-output skiing or climbing in variable weather conditions, it’s not ideal in wetter environments where rain and precipitation are common and frequent. A much better application of softshell technology is in hybrid garments, like the Dawn Patrol hybrid shell from Black Diamond. Instead of being completely made from softshell material, this jacket utilizes traditional hardshell sections combined with stretchy/breathable softshell sections. It gives you moisture protection in the places you need it most, like the hood, shoulders, and chest, while staying breathable because of softshell in the remainder of the jacket.

$349 | Black Diamond Equipment


Nomadica Outfitters Cupid Portable Heater

The butane-powered compact Cupid ceramic heater from Nomadica outfitters could be a great companion to take along on your next cold-weather outing. Because of its compact form factor, it can easily fit in smaller spaces. But as with all combustion-based heaters, it should only be used in a well-ventilated area.

$120 | Nomadica Outfitters


Sea To Summit Alto TR1 Tent

Sea To Summit is well-known in the outdoor space for its ultralight-weight gear, including stuff sacks, dry bags, sleeping pads, and sleeping bags. New to their lineup in 2021, STS is now offering ultralight tents. The Alto TR1 is a one-person ultralight backpacking tent that weighs in at a scant 33 ounces—that’s just over 2 pounds. But unlike other super-light options that forego floors and mosquito netting, the Alto has both, offering a completely enclosed, weather-protected shelter to keep you comfortable in the field.

$399 | Sea To Summit


Yeti Crossroads 27L Backpack

overland news of the week yeti

Building gear that strikes a balance between urban and backcountry performance is not always easy, but the Yeti Crossroads 27-liter pack does just that. Made from a durable 700-denier nylon face fabric that is abrasion and water-resistant, this pack has ample space for extra layers and water bottles or your laptop (in a padded pocket) and small tech items. The internal organization helps you to further separate the contents of your pack depending on the task at hand.

$230 | Yeti


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