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Ford has arguably been at the forefront of the Full-Size Revolution, as it demonstrated that you could have all the benefits of a larger truck without the drawbacks. In the past, these larger vehicles returned abysmal fuel economy and cost a fortune to run, but thanks to new technology (like Ford’s EcoBoost engines), this is no longer the case. Take today’s F-150, which provides a considerable 3,300-pound payload and produces 325 horsepower, yet still returns an impressive combined 20 mpg. Comparatively, the same year Tacoma (a mid-size truck) offers just 1,280 pounds of payload and a modest 236 horsepower, yet the combined economy is almost identical at 21 mpg. Add into the equation a full-size truck’s superior towing capacity, more luxurious interior, and often better capability, and you quickly see why they’re becoming increasingly popular with overlanders. It’s no surprise that the F-150 is a desirable platform for expedition builds, with recent examples including this 2019 w/ 2020 FWC Hawk Combo and this 2014 Overland Build. Today’s XLT offering has covered 154,000 miles, features premium modifications and an A.R.E truck cap, and is priced at just $17,000.

From the Seller:

2015 Ford F-150 Supercab 4WD, 6.5-foot bed. I have owned it since it had 20,000 miles and had all services completed with full records. The truck runs perfectly, with only minor imperfections (dent on the hood). [The]aluminum body means no rust, so the frame and undercarriage are in great shape.”

2015 Ford F-150 XLT

The F-150 is fitted with a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 that produces 325 horsepower, 375 pound-feet of torque, and returns a combined 20 mpg. A relatively economical engine is matched with impressive all-terrain capability thanks to 4WD, locking rear differential, low range, and more. Today’s offering showcases the XLT Package with driver comforts that include:

  • Heated bucket seats
  • Remote start
  • Satellite radio
  • 110-volt power outlets
  • Keypad door unlock

Distinguishing Features

  • A.R.E truck cap with bed and storage
  • Raptor wheels with Cooper A/T tires
  • Bilstein shocks
  • Weathertech floor mats

This 2015 Ford F-150 XLT is listed for $17,000 and is currently located in Connecticut. Check the full vehicle specifications via the original Expedition Portal forum post here.

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