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(Editor’s Note: Unedited Press Release)

Berkeley, CA (February 27, 2020) – Nomad Kitchen Co. is excited to announce the upcoming launch of their first mobile camping kitchen. The small startup, based out of the San Francisco Bay Area in California, hopes to cater to weekend warriors and hardcore adventurers alike with their compact slide-out kitchen system.

The vehicle-mounted kitchen is the perfect addition to any overland or adventure-mobile build: With an adjustable specialized strap system, it is as simple to install as hooking in a few ratchet straps and requires no tools or permanent modifications to your vehicle. The self-contained box pulls out in two sections on heavy-duty slides. The system is rated for up to 200 pounds and extends out of the trunk to provide an additional four feet of food prep, cooking, and clean up space. The first section hosts a stainless-steel wash basin and a sunken drying rack topped with a custom-fit bamboo cutting board, both double as space to store cookware. The second drawer section leaves room for a two-burner stove unit and is compatible with many popular options. The system also provides four hooks to hang accessories and the top surface of the frame supports water tanks with a spigot.

Nomad Kitchen Co. hopes to allow people to have the freedom of cooking anywhere in any vehicle. “It’s the perfect solution for those looking to add useful accessories to their rigs who don’t want to invest in an expensive custom system, or those who just want a removable kitchen option so they can still utilize their whole cargo space. Our kitchen is a rugged, ready-built and compact unit,” says Nomad Kitchen Co. Founder and CEO Sam Gross, “When you’re finding the best camping spot off the beaten path and putting your vehicle through the gauntlet on rough roads, this will keep everything contained and organized. Once you’ve found the dream spot you can easily setup and breakdown to eat a well-deserved meal. It’s a great addition to any adventure build!”

Beyond offroading exploration, it’s uses extend to tailgating, festivals, and emergency preparedness. Whether you’re an avid overlander or just aspire to have the best looking 4×4, the Nomad Kitchen is a practical and stylish add-on. The kitchen will be priced at $1099 on its own and will be sold in both natural wood and black edition.  Optional accessories include a compatible two-burner propane stove and water tanks. With more accessories available soon. It will be available to pre-order on Indiegogo March 17th with discounts for early backers of up to $400 off.

About Nomad Kitchen Co.

Nomad Kitchen Co. equips mobile explorers with high-quality tools to cook the food that fuels their adventures. We empower everyone from weekend warriors to full-time nomads with the freedom to roam. For more information and to take advantage of early-bird pricing visit:

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