New Release: Main Line Overland GTS Suspension

Overlanders face a rather unique problem when it comes to choosing suspension systems. Unlike racers who only need high-performance systems for lightweight trucks or long-haul truckers that need stiff springs for heavy cargo, we need something that balances comfort and performance on the dirt with payload capacity and reliability. Only the right combination will get you there and back again with your spine intact. It’s a tall order, and few companies have delved into developing a kit intended for this purpose, but now Main Line Overland has.

What they’ve come up with is the GTS suspension, a kit that is designed to balance the demands of off-road travel with everyday use on pavement. Each system will provide 2 inches of lift, and will be available in a range of spring rates for both the front and rear of the vehicle. This will allow customers to pair a set of Main Line’s new off-road tuned shocks with a spring that matches their specific build. If the buyer is running a stock Tacoma, a light front and medium rear spring would be a perfect fit. If they haul a Four-Wheel camper, they might decide to upgrade to MLO’s heavy rear springs, or perhaps a set of heavy front springs if they add a new bumper and a winch. They even have extra-heavy options, but the company suggests calling them to ensure your load justifies it before selecting this option.

Of course, this concept is nothing new, but Main Line seems to be striking a balance between performance and affordability that few others have found. Each kit comes with black struts and shocks, red powder-coated coil springs or black leaf-springs, bushings, and all of the associated hardware for prices starting at just $889. That’s with a two-year repair or replace warranty against breakage, sagging, or faulty manufacturing by the way.

The initial launch will be comprised of 2-inch lift kits for the 2nd and 3rd generation Toyota Tacoma, 4th and 5th generation Toyota 4Runner, the Toyota FJ Cruiser, and the Lexus GX460 and GX470, but we hear there will be additional platforms added to the lineup soon. Products will be available starting on the fourteenth of this month, and all the information on these kits can be seen on the website link below. We look forward to testing the GTS suspension out further in the future and will post a detailed report of its performance as soon as we can.

To learn more, check out these suspension systems on their website here.

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