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National Overland Influencer Award Winner Announced

With 2019 behind us, the Overland Board of Influencing Association (OBASS) has announced their coveted Overland Influencer of the Year Award. #Hotly contested, this award considers everything from the chosen campsite to the #gear and #patches used to represent the #ultimate #overland #lifestyle.

To everyone’s surprise, Azuki the Hedgehog won for an unprecedented 13th year in a row, combining his perfectly #vanlifed campsites, and love for #envy-inducing art direction. Congrats, Azuki, for the award win, and another 12 months of not actually making any money. You have made us proud. https://www.instagram.com/hedgehog_azuki/

Runner-up Loki the Wolfdog responded with suspicion over the results: “Fake news,” he says.

As overlanders, the debate rages over Ground Tent vs. Roof Tent. Fortunately, people who don’t actually camp will be the first to share their wisdom on the subject.

No influencer gallery would be complete without a visit to Antelope Canyon.

Azuki really just wants a proper drink.

Azuki made additional gas money by creating bespoke kindling

We can’t be an influencer without a Starbucks sponsorship, can we?

Check out Azuki’s affiliate program for the new Xtreme Yoda Cooler, where the #force is always with you.

We can’t be #overlandy without a few outdoor accessories to keep things #authentic.

Azuki’s safari in Africa was considered the #gamechanging image for the award.

April is certainly something to smile about. “Stay healthy,” says Azuki!