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Mopar Steps Up Its Game with Dana 60 Crate Axles, High Top Fenders, & Beadlock Wheels

It seems that the boys in Toledo have taken a step out of the factory, wandered the streets, and made a discovery. People with Jeeps like modifying Jeeps. With all of this new information, a plan was hatched. Mopar got to work on designing parts people actually want while keeping the price competitive. Everything from new lift kits including Fox shocks and a new driveshaft, to High top fenders that will allow the fitment of 35″ tires with no lift. to bolt on Dana 60 crate axles, big brake kits, and even beadlock wheels will be a among the new parts to start hitting dealerships soon.


Jeep taking a step forward and listening to what the off-road community wants has certainly shown in the design and simplicity of these new additions. These great parts and Jeep’s renewed interest in the 4×4 world is good news in itself, but some of these parts are already available elsewhere right? Correct, but remember one of the most important pieces to all of this is warranty. Nearly all of the parts  offered in the catalog maintan any factory or Chrysler extended warranties. This even includes the highly revered lifetime warranties. Take a look at the new performance catalog for yourself.



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