Max Adventure Tyre Sealant Stops Flats in Their Tracks

Used by British Special Forces to prevent flats when you can’t afford to have your vehicle disabled, Max Adventure Tyre Sealant immediately plugs punctures up to 25mm in diameter when installed pre-emptively. The water-soluble formula is non-corrosive, won’t damage your tires or rims, is shelf-stable, and can be reused between tires.


Plan Ahead for Best Performance

This valuable companion for your next overlanding route is best utilized with pre-emptive installation in the shop (it is recommended that you balance your tires prior to installation.) Begin by deflating your tire and removing the valve core. Next, squeeze the recommended volume of tire sealant into the tire through the valve stem, replacing the valve core afterward, and reinflate according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. One 1-liter bottle will treat approximately two standard 4×4 tires.

Upon driving your vehicle, the sealant spreads out, forming an even coating on the interior of your tires. According to Max Adventure, their sealant can improve tire life by up to 20 percent by more evenly distributing heat generated during driving. And because it stops bead and rim leaks, it can also improve vehicle fuel economy over the length of its use by maintaining proper tire pressure (although it may not be compatible with all TPMS sensors).

How it Works

Max Adventure Tyre Sealant works through mechanical plugging of punctures, not a chemical reaction. This solution of ingredients includes synthetic fibers and organic fillers in suspension which are quickly forced into puncture holes as they occur by the pre-existing tire pressure. Within two to three rotations of the wheel, the sealant, fillers, and synthetic fibers coagulate, permanently sealing the hole with a minimal loss of pressure. This non-toxic and anti-corrosive formula can be used in a wide range of temperatures, from -35°C to +60°C, and will work with tire pressures from 2.5-250 pounds per square inch. Max Adventure claims that their sealant prevents up to 75 percent of punctures in tubed tires and 95 percent of punctures in tubeless setups.



Learn more on Max Adventure’s website.


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