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Lazer ST-4 Hybrid Beam Led Spotlight

Humans have been trying to light the darkness since the cavemen first discovered fire. From the candle all the way to the ever-so-popular LED light bar, we have never been truly satisfied. After Lazer Lamps was founded in 2010, they sought creative ways to meet our lighting needs while adding safety and a competitive advantage in some of the world’s most grueling races. Their answer was to build a fantastic all-purpose driving light.


The idea behind the ST-4 is that if you are only going to use one set of lights, it needs to do almost everything well. Lazer opted to use 4 high-output, 11-watt LEDs allowing for larger reflectors, and increased distance while maintaining the same output of brands with more LEDs in the same space. The light is not only bright, coming in at 3472 lumens, but it is well used. The ST-4’s optics give this bar a very wide spread while still maintaining plenty of distance for any legal speed.


Most notably, the ST-4 has the best color index of any LED lights I have used. At 4750 K, the output is warm and natural which makes it easy for your eyes to pick up the tones of the road surface. The minimal blue and green hues reduce eye strain and glare, and the dual-optics provide a seamless transition from the lens to the reflector without any color change or distortion. I have used these lights for hours on end, and I was nothing but impressed.


People’s cars are as diverse as their owners, and it’s apparent that Lazer considered this when designing a mounting system. Not only can you use an optional side mount like most light bars, but you can also use the center mount for a nearly infinite amount of ways to fine-tune the fitment and positioning. The center mounting channels are located on both the top and bottom of the light. The top channel allows for easy fitment under roof racks and in lower radiator cut outs, while the bottom channel easily handles standard bumper light tabs.


If you are going to make the investment in a quality set of driving lights, you obviously want them to last. A good LED chip will endure about 50,000 hours of use, but that is just one piece of the puzzle; as the chip will not turn on if the driver, circuits, or capacitors can’t keep up. That’s why Lazer uses high-quality capacitors ready to handle tens of thousands of hours. The circuit boards are ceramic-coated to properly distribute heat and maintain peak output, and LED drivers monitor temperature readings at 100 times per second to ensure peak current at all times. As a final touch, a 5-year warranty backs the lights for a little piece of mind.


Lazer lenses also carry a lifetime warranty against breakage, so if a rogue branch or rock breaks through a 3 mm, hard-coated, polycarbonate lens, Lazer will give you a new one free. Did we mention they’ll do this for life? The front facias can also be changed at home without ruining the GORE-TEX water-tight seal that keep your lights from taking on moisture.


Working hard to nitpick the ST-4s, I could only complain about the lack of a full wiring harness or side mounts without an extra charge. Even with the a-la-carte ordering, these lights are still a good value at just under $350.00. The output is impressive, the mounting is versatile, and the coloration is fantastic. While using a general driving light may be a compromise to some degree, the Lazer ST-4 is truly more than just the sum of its parts.


To find out more, check out their website here.


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