KC Hilites Flex Era 4

There are very few vehicle accessory companies with such a long-standing reputation for quality as KC Hilites. Moreover, the designs and performance of their latest products have overlanders like me transfixed, jaw agape, breathless like a deer in Flex Era 4 spots!

I remember purchasing my VW Syncro and immediately (childishly) investing in four cheap spotlights to make it look more like a Group B rally car. It was joyous: mile-after-mile of mediocre auxiliary lighting, combined with the almighty roar of my 76 horsepower motor. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long until the notoriously drizzly British weather had made its way inside my spots, creating a lighting pattern not dissimilar to a Pink Floyd concert. I realised that when it comes to lighting upgrades, especially those subject to overlanding punishment, you get what you pay for. Further still, whilst halogen Group B style spots may look cool, they’re not the ideal choice for performance, and they add unnecessary weight to your rig. The Flex Era 4’s demonstrate that additional high-performance lighting needn’t be heavy or bulky and that two premium light pods such as these are all the upfront visibility you need.

The Flex Era series has been around a while now and is highly coveted by the overlanding community. Subsequently, KC has been careful not to stray too far from the product’s desirable aesthetic. That said, the newest model integrates a ‘multi-side, die-cast aluminium construction that improves thermal efficiency while reducing weight’. Furthermore, it includes a degree of customisation, with the inclusion of interchangeable bezels, spot and a combo beam pattern, a unique amber backlight that can be independently engaged, and a choice of clear or amber covers. In keeping with their history of robust products, these lights feature an IP68 water and dustproof rating, backed by the KC Adventure Further guarantee, so rest assured these products will go the distance.

The pandemic may have brought with it a degree of uncertainty for many companies, but at KC, they’re optimising this period to ‘double down on an aggressive product roadmap to ensure its relevancy and continued growth for years to come’. It’s great to see such a proactive approach during these challenging times, and the Flex Era 4 showcases the result of such enthusiastic innovation. As someone who’s fixated on both saving weight and optimising performance, this product is perfect. These light pods may be compact (W 5.0 x H 5.0 x D 3.27 inches), but they put out an incredible 7,912 lumens (@5000k) and a beam distance of up to 424 metres (1,400 feet). Specifications this impressive ensure these lights are all the extra visibility you could ever need, whilst also managing to be relatively discreet, easy to mount, compact, highly durable, and backed by a 23-year warranty.

I love sharing the latest offerings from the vehicle/overlanding market, but it’s even more exciting when I’m immediately sold. The KC Flex Era 4s are lighting perfection and the obvious choice when exceptional performance and unparalleled dependability are essential. This is a premium product, and I appreciate that the price point may deter some people. But the outstanding light output, backed by such an extensive warranty, makes the Flex Era 4s a fantastic value.

$600 | kchilites.com

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