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Ineos Introduces the Fusilier—One Vehicle, Two Powertrains, and a Hint at Hydrogen

Ineos Fusilier

Let’s take a moment to celebrate Ineos Automotive’s success. The 2024 model year Grenadier is already sold out in North America, and aftermarket accessory manufacturers are hard at work keeping up with the demand for body protection, roof racks, drawer systems, and other essential overlanding products designed to make the Grenadier even more capable.

Buoyed by the success of the Grenadier, Ineos Automotive has recently announced the launch of its third model line, the 4WD Ineos Fusilier. This new addition to the Ineos line-up introduces a significant evolution in their vehicle offerings, focusing on combining off-road capability with environmental consciousness and, presumably, motivated by global EV quota compliance requirements. The Fusilier will be offered with two powertrain options: an all-electric variant and a range-extender electric model.

Reveal of Ineos Fusilier, The Grenadier, Knightsbridge, London February 23, 2024

The unveiling event in London, led by Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Chairman of Ineos (joined by everyone’s favorite accident-prone “hamster”Richard Hammond), highlighted the vehicle’s dual powertrain approach as a strategic move towards reducing carbon emissions without sacrificing performance. The all-electric powertrain is designed for those seeking zero-emission transportation, while the range-extender model caters to consumers desiring low emissions with the added flexibility of extended range capabilities, courtesy of a supplementary gasoline engine that maintains battery charge levels.

Sir Ratcliffe said,

“The Fusilier is a great looking vehicle, and the two powertrain options provide a real-world reduction in carbon emissions without compromise to the off-road capability or the on-road performance. We’re excited to bring our electric 4X4 to market but we are beginning to understand the clear limitations of battery electric in certain situations. We believe the addition of a range extender electric to our line-up will offer our customers a very low emission drive without the range anxiety drivers of electric vehicles experience today.”

Ineos Automotive’s collaboration with Magna, a leading automotive supplier, has been pivotal in developing and manufacturing the Fusilier. The vehicle is crafted at Magna’s facility in Graz, Austria, utilizing a bespoke skateboard platform that combines a steel structure with aluminum components for a balanced mix of durability and weight efficiency. This partnership extends beyond the Fusilier, with Magna also contributing to the development of the Grenadier station wagon and Quartermaster pickup.

Reveal of Ineos Fusilier, The Grenadier, Knightsbridge, London February 23, 2024

The Fusilier not only embraces the heritage of its predecessors but also introduces a modernized design ethos that aligns with the contemporary demands for efficiency and performance. The design of the Fusilier, which gives off strong Suzuki Jimny and Mercedes G-Wagon vibes, features chamfered edges, active grille shutters, and integrated bodywork functions to enhance aerodynamics while maintaining the vehicle’s rugged appeal. These elements, along with the signature circular LED lighting and visible structural cues, underscore INEOS Automotive’s commitment to innovation without compromising the quintessential 4X4 experience.

Lynn Calder, CEO of INEOS Automotive, expressed pride in the Fusilier’s launch,

“Announcing our third model line is another significant milestone for INEOS Automotive, cementing our intent as an automotive manufacturer – like our full vehicle line-up, we are here for the long-haul.”.

With the Ineos Fusilier, Ineos Automotive is set to offer a compelling blend of traditional off-road prowess and forward-thinking environmental responsibility. The vehicle’s development, accentuated by its rigorous testing program, including trials on Austria’s Schöckl mountain, promises a new benchmark in 4X4 performance and sustainability.

Ineos Automotive revealed a Grenadier Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Demonstrator at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July 2023. This Demonstrator (we assume that that is the vehicle’s name) highlights the technology’s readiness and capability for a hydrogen-powered 4WD, indicating that it’s prepared for production. However, the development of a refueling infrastructure is necessary for its commercial viability. Toyota has recently suggested that hydrogen fuel plays a vital role in the automotive industry’s future. As Toyota and other leading car manufacturers commit to developing a hydrogen refueling network, we may soon witness the widespread production of hydrogen-powered vehicles, such as the Grenadiers and Fusiliers.

To date, we do not have confirmed pricing for the Fusilier, but predictions are that the vehicle will cost, depending on who you ask, between $80,000 and $100,000 and will be available by 2027.


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