Gear Scout: Superwinch Roam Smartphone Winch Controller

If you happen to be that last holdout, a technological troglodyte hiding from the world of science and namely smartphones, this product will probably prove the end is nigh, and the age of analog is doomed. Meet the Roam from Superwinch, a WiFi enabled smartphone app that gives you full control of your winch. I know, I suck at playing Angry Birds and wonder if using my smartphone as a winch controller isn’t a terrible idea, but it is an interesting concept.

The Roam system is actually quite simple. Using a simple WiFi interface, the Roam app communicates to enabled Superwinch models to not only operate the winch, but give the user critical information relative to the winch’s performance. The app gives the user a real-time readout of line speed, motor temperature, amp draw, and run time. This information, seldom known to the user, can help avoid winching failures and maximize winching efficiency. The other major advantage of the Roam is relative to its wireless operation. This allows the winch to be controlled from anywhere near the vehicle without any wires to manage. This has obvious safety benefits, and will likely prove to be an invaluable convenience during repeated winching sessions.

A number of safety features have been built into the system to assuage potential for glitches that may have disastrous outcomes. Any incoming calls immediately stop the winch and the system requires a passcode to be activated for the winch to engage. If the signal is dropped, the winch will stop. Superwinch did think of everything. Now, if they could just come up with an app to keep you from getting stuck in the first place.



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