Front Runner Outfitters Releases Slim Line II Rack For Jeep Gladiator

South African overlanding gear manufacturer, Front Runner Outfitters, is well-known for its robust selection of vehicle accessories. 


New for 2020, Front Runner Outfitters has released a 2019-current Jeep Gladiator compatible Slim Line II roof rack system. The Slimline II allows unencumbered removal of the Jeep’s hardtop roof panels, allowing owners to keep their OEM roof intact. The Jeep Gladiator JT Extreme Roof Rack Kit, as it’s called, comes with everything needed to mount, including:

  • Front Bar roof rack mount
  • Foot rails
  • Inner brackets
  • Slimline II tray – 1425mm(W) X 1560mm(L)
  • Wind deflector



The T6 aluminum and stainless steel rack weighs in at approximately 78 pounds and has a cargo capacity of 660 pounds (300 kilograms), which Front Runner claims to be the lightest/strongest roof rack available. T-slots on the top and bottom of the rack’s tray slats and edge profiles accept a standard 8-millimeter bolt, making the Slimline II user-customizable. Over 55 accessories from Front Runner Outfitters are easily incorporated into the Slimline II rack system as well.


“The cab rack is unique in the market as it offers a full roof-sized Slimline II cargo tray and utilizes the factory mounting points on the body and roll cage, making it the strongest and cleanest option available with the most usable gear space.”


MSRP: $1,259


Learn more on Front Runner’s website.

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