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loki icarus

In Greek mythology, Icarus flew too close to the sun, melting the wax that held his wings together. He subsequently plunged into the sea and drowned. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer the same fate when traveling in a Loki Basecamp Icarus, a slide-in truck camper designed to handle hot and cold environments.

Loki achieves this climate control by combining R-16 composite insulation with a high-efficiency AC/heating unit that can be powered by the camper’s internal lithium battery bank (run time will vary depending on battery capacity).

The Icarus is available in 6- or 8-foot lengths for full-sized pickup trucks and can be customized for your individual needs with various internal and external options to make overland travel comfortable and efficient.

loki icarus


Loki Basecamp Icarus Camper Interior

The Icarus camper is designed with efficiency in mind, packing many useful features into a compact footprint. Its living space feels modern yet comfortable, with boldly colored metal surfaces accenting the neutral fabrics used to upholster its wall panels and ceiling.

Interior amenities that come standard with this camper include:

  • “Mudroom” entryway with fittings to add an optional indoor shower
  • Lounge area with convertible seating and modular Lagun table
  • Kitchenette with stainless sink, on-demand water pump, fresh and graywater tanks, folding tap, induction cooktop, refrigerator, USB and AC/DC outlets, and storage space
  • 54 x 75-inch removable bed platform, reading lamps, dimmable LED lighting, and a variety of electrical outlets
  • R-16 insulation, LED lighting throughout, roof fan, multi-purpose L-track rail system
  • Webasto heating unit

The R-16 double-density composite insulation used in the Icarus camper does more than just keep the interior of the habitat comfortable. It also acts as an acoustic barrier, keeping things quiet in camp. And as a vapor barrier, the insulation prevents moisture from condensing inside the camper’s walls, a common problem in many campervans, trailers, and truck campers that can lead to mold and rust problems.

loki icarus


Loki Basecamp Icarus Camper Exterior

The bones of the Icarus camper are constructed from an aluminum frame and a fiberglass shell. Because of its smaller size, the Icarus weighs slightly less than its larger brother, the Falcon camper, which is approximately 2,200 pounds (Loki doesn’t provide specific weights on their website).

Most of the exterior equipment for the Icarus camper is optional, but there are a handful of notable standard features, including:

  • Front LED light bar
  • LED utility lighting on rear and sides
  • Roof rack
  • Multi-purpose utility drawer
  • Lexan windows with roller blackout blinds and bug screens

Although it is unclear what the base configuration is in regard to the camper’s solar power system, Loki can outfit the habitat with up to 300 watts of solar panels, a 600 amp-hour lithium battery bank, and a 2,000-watt AC inverter. An on-the-go charging system referenced on the website is likely an alternator/isolator combination, allowing the host vehicle to charge the camper’s house batteries while driving. Finally, a Redarc total vehicle management system brings all of the camper’s electrical system controls and information to one centralized location.

loki icarus

The Loki Basecamp Icarus Camper is manufactured in Quebec City, Canada, and starts at a price of $69,000. Learn more at lokibasecamp.com.


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