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Far Bank Fly Fishing School Offers First Season of Free Educational Videos

While fly fishing might not be the first thing that comes to mind regarding online education, Far Bank is changing the narrative when it comes to what is possible. The fly fishing school recently launched its first season of a free, comprehensive, and feature-film quality educational fishing series hosted by renowned fly casting expert Simon Gawesworth.

This season’s offering is dedicated to “new to fly” anglers, with short and long episodes focusing on techniques, on-the-water hints, in-depth studio analysis, guest talent, and footage from the Far Bank Loop Lab.

Like many outdoor activities, fly fishing is gaining popularity. “Since 2020, we’ve seen one of the largest upticks in fly fishing interest in the last 30 years, but it takes more than just putting a rod and reel in someone’s hand to convert the curious into the committed and to start bringing them into bigger conversations about conservation and stewardship,” said Gawesworth, Far Bank Education and Engagement Manager.

According to the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, in 2020, fly fishing participants went on 97 million outings, a 27% increase from the year prior. Average annual excursions also increased by 14%. Fishing license sales also surged nationally during the early pandemic, with states reporting increases of up to 25% in 2021 as the joys of “social fishtancing” caught on.

“When you get better and better at fly fishing, there’s this kind of evolution. At first, you just want to catch a fish. But eventually, you don’t even care if you catch a fish. You’re out there to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the clear water, the fresh air,” added Gawesworth.

The 2022 season of the Far Bank Fly Fishing School includes six chapters, covering all the basics needed to get out on the water:

  1. What is Fly Fishing?
  2. Basics of Fly Fishing Gear
  3. Essential Knots
  4. Making the First Cast
  5. Basic River Fly Fishing Tactics
  6. Basic Lake Fly Fishing Tactics

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