Expedition Portal Classifieds: Revcon Trailblazer

Grab your CDs, VCR tapes, and favorite grunge shirt, because we’re taking a trip back to the 90s. Not just any trip mind you, but one in this insane off-road camper. It’s called the Revcon Trailblazer, and this part RV/part limo/part yacht is about as close to a modern EarthRoamer as we could get back in those days. Sure, it’s a little ridiculous, but at the same time we can’t help but love it. I mean, it’s got a lift, all-terrain tires, a winch, bathroom, shower, air conditioning, TV, four leather captains chairs, and best of all, only 64,000 original miles! Where else can you find something like that for $45,000? So go ahead, pull out those baggy jeans and lets take a look at this crazy truck.

Although we haven’t seen it in person, this Ford looks to be extremely clean. The interior especially seems immaculate and mostly original. The captains chairs are like new minus some cracking, and the sound system has certainly had an upgrade. The seller clearly states no rust in the ad, and based on the exterior photos I would say that’s probably true. The vehicle shows very little corrosion, and even the headlights appear to be in fantastic shape with no fading.

Given the fact that this is a gas motor, I’d guess that the fuel economy figures are pretty abysmal, but with an 80-gallon tank you could still travel one heck of a distance without issue. You’ve also got 80 gallons of fresh water on board, just in case you’re as thirsty as your truck. Other support systems include two batteries for the vehicle to run on, two deep cycle batteries for the camper, solar panels, and a generator for when things really hit the fan.

Maybe it’s the Texan in me, but I’ve already got a soft spot for this camper. If the Millenium Falcon were an RV, this would be it. We’d just add an ARB or Buckstop bumper to the front, point the truck south, and head for our next dream destination.


YEAR: 1994
MAKE: Revcon
MODEL: TrailBlazer
MILEAGE: 64,200
PRICE: $45,000 OBO
TRANSMISSION: 4-Speed Automatic
EXTERIOR HEIGHT: 10 feet, 6 inches
Four-wheel drive
No rust
No smokers
No pets
Regularly serviced

Description From Seller

This 1994 REVCON TRAILBLAZER 4×4 Expedition RV Motorhome is in a class by itself. What makes them special? It’s designed for the ultimate off- road enthusiast and it drives like a dream on the highway. The REVCON 4×4 Trailblazer was made for people and families who enjoy the great outdoors. It’s for fishermen, hunters, and outdoorsmen who want to pursue the multitude of wilderness wonders. It takes you to your favorite desert landscape, lake, or over steep mountain trails, and it can go where most other motorhomes cannot go. It has the power and the strength to handle most off-road conditions. With four-wheel drive, six all-terrain tires, power brakes, and cruise control, you don’t have to leave the wilderness; the REVCON all-terrain vehicle is roughing it in luxury and it’s a real eye stopper and just draws attention. With four doors and four captains chairs in the front, it has all the luxuries of home including:

-Walk-through to coach
-Color-coordinated window draperies
-Pleated day/night shades
-Porcelain sink
-Faucet w/pullout hose, adjustable spray nozzle
-Two-burner stove
-Flush-mount 6-cu. ft. automatic refrigerator/freezer with three-way hookup (AC/DC/LPG)
-Convection microwave oven
-Vintage Color TV with DVD
-Fiberglass molded shower stall

-Adjustable spray shower nozzle
-Three-speed exhaust fan
-Sink and counter located in bedroom for dual use
-Cabinets and cabinet doors constructed of oak with matching Formica trim
-Comfort controls for heat and air conditioning
-TV antenna hookup
-Safety escape window in back
-Built-in air pump system with controls for air bags
-Front off-road shocks
-Pull-out mirrors
-Speed control/tilt steering
-Air conditioning
-Clairon CD player with Sirius satellite radio
-Power locks/windows
-Tag axle with air bag suspension
-Hydro brake boost system for extra braking safety
-Sidewalls constructed of aircraft design
-All joints continuously welded
-Outer skin aircraft aluminum 6061T6 (0.50 think)
-Four leather captains chairs
-Toilet with dual pedal fill and padded seat
-Ford F-350 4×4 Crew Cab (4-door) XLT trim

Also, a full-size, over-the-cab bed (sleeps two people); there is also a second bed in the rear that can be made into a king-size bed, sitting area, or TV room. There is a dining area too that can be made into a bed for a small person or child.

The REVCON 4×4 Trailblazer is state-of-the-art and has been manufactured for the intent to be used in the backcountry and can be used with no hookups. REVCON made sure the Trailblazer 4×4 was all terrain and all season.

-Handles exceptionally well
-Custom box channel frame makes it much more rigid than C-channel designs used in most motorhomes.
-With a lightweight aluminum body, it further improves handling and fuel economy.
-The tandem rear axles reduce rear overhang, so the bumper/trailer hitch won’t drag as much as other RVs.
-Aircraft aluminum was used for the exterior skin, frame, and interior skin. The front and rear caps are fiberglass.
-2-inch, high-density fiberglass insulation makes the walls lighter than in most RVs, easy to clean and nearly impervious to moisture. Other RVs have laminated layers of fiberglass, wood, and foam so any water leaks will quickly rot the wood—NOT REVCON 4×4 Trailblazer!
-The underbelly is totally enclosed and stuffed with 6 inches of fiberglass insulation which also reduces road noise. It makes for a strong, light, efficient, and rigid body that has been placed on the frame of the F350 crew-cab, this rigidity keeps the cabin straight even when the Ford truck frame is bending and intended, when going over uneven terrain. There is also a working winch on the bumper.
-Water tank can hold 80-plus gallons of water. Gray water tank is approximately 25 gallons, and the black tank is 15 gallons.
-The fuel tank holds approximately 80 gallons.
-The propane tanks are under the cabin and can fit 10 gallons of propane.

The water system works in pressure and the pump is brand new (replaced May 1, 2018) and is in excellent working order. The ford truck has two 12- volt batteries and the cabin has 2 deep cycle, 6-volt batteries in a separate compartment. This rig is also outfitted with solar panels. The generator also is in excellent working order.

There were very few of these produced over the years and they are very hard to find on the market. These are sought after by a number of outdoor enthusiasts.

Price $45,000 USD – Click here to learn more

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Chris didn’t receive a real taste of the outdoors until moving to Prescott, Arizona, in 2009. While working on his business degree, he learned to fly and spent his weekends exploring the Arizona desert and high country. It was there that he fell in love with backcountry travel and four-wheel drive vehicles, eventually leading him to Overland Journal and Expedition Portal. After several years of honing his skills in writing, photography, and off-road driving, Chris now works for the company full time as Expedition Portal's Senior Editor while living full-time on the road.