EV/PHEV Designation to Debut at 2020 Rebelle Rally

Every day we inch closer to the 2020 Rebelle Rally, we get more excited, and the recent announcement of the electrified designation for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in the race has added a whole new layer of excitement to the competition. The year 2020 marks the fifth anniversary of this all-female, map- and compass-based offroad race, and it will be the first year to include an official EV/hybrid designation.


2020 Rebelle Rally

So why include EVs in the 2020 Rebelle Rally?

“Since we first envisioned the Rebelle Rally, we knew it would be the ultimate true test of electrified vehicles available to consumers and we have worked tirelessly to make this happen,” explained Emily Miller, the rally’s founder. “Providing battery-based mobile rapid charging on course allows these vehicles to compete in the standard classes, an exciting and important component of the Electrified Designation.”


Because of the inherently unique experience of racing an EV or hybrid, having a separate designation makes a lot of sense when it comes to a long-distance offroad race. In 2020, EV and PHEV teams won’t compete in a separate class, but directly in their intended class with allowances for on-course rapid charging. 2020’s inaugural test of the program will include a limited number of electric and hybrid vehicles.


Rivian and Mitsubishi to Compete at 2020 Rebelle Rally

If you hadn’t already guessed, Rivian and Mitsubishi will both be present at the 2020 Rebelle Rally. Rivian’s R1 will be piloted by two-time Rebelle Rally champions Emme Hall and Rebecca Donaghe in the 4×4 class. “Adventures like the Rebelle Rally are what Rivian vehicles are made for. It’s meaningful to join as the rally’s first all-electric vehicle,” noted Amy Mast, Rivian’s Public Relations Director.


Mitsubishi returns for its second year with the new Outlander PHEV which will race in the Crossover Class. “Rebelle Rally shows us what is possible when we have the courage and ambition to do more with the cars in our driveway, and we need that inspiration now more than ever,” said Mitsubishi Motors North America Chief Operating Officer Mark Chaffin. “We are thrilled to continue our support for Team Record the Journey this year with the world’s best-selling plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, and to continue to prove our legacy of quality, dependability, and reliability.”


Power Innovations will keep the Rebelle Rally Electrified Program Charged

The 2020 Rebelle Rally has partnered with Power Innovations, a Utah-based green power provider who will handle all the power for the base camp, as well as on-course BEV 175 KW fast charging.

“We have a history of accepting challenges that have never been done before—things that a lot of people classify as unrealistic. These challenges push us as individuals and as a company to do hard things. Challenges that will make a positive difference for us all. This challenge should help us all rethink the possibilities of BEV and H2 as we commit to a green future without limits,” noted Robert Mount, President and CEO of Power Innovations.


The Rebelle Rally is a remote, outdoor event with no spectators or outside assistance. To follow along, viewers can watch the live webcast at www.rebellerally.com October 8-17, 2020.




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