EarthCruiser Announces Their CORE DIY and Commercial Offerings

As the overland vehicle market continues to expand, there is more opportunity for recreational vehicle manufacturers to offer commercial and do-it-yourself (DIY) variants of their proven platforms. EarthCruiser is a leader in the cab-over segment, which allows them to leverage their notable experience with 4WD systems and off-highway performance (the founders have decades of offroad racing knowledge). Their new 4WD system is for the Fuso FE single cab and dual cab, and will ultimately be available for the Chevy LCF and Isuzu NPR models cab-over trucks. This system is specifically designed for both high-speed and low-speed capability with Dynatrac axles, a HERO transfer case, Deaver suspension, Radflo dampers, 37-inch Toyo mud terrains, air lockers, Warn winches, and Timbren jounces.

Earth Cruiser defines what the Commander Off-Road Equipment (CORE) program entails, offering a base cab-chassis with their engineered 4×4 system, V8 drivetrain, and self-recovery systems.

“EarthCruiser is the undisputed leader in cab-over vehicle design in the USA. Integrating our technology into commercial applications is something we’ve talked about for a long time. We value our roots in the recreation industry and want to use our collective experience and the knowledge we’ve gained over the past decades to help and serve others in a way traditional recreation vehicles can’t,” said Chad Knight, GM of EarthCruiser and CORE Vehicles. “There is a great need for a production four-wheel drive, cab-over chassis in the commercial and government sectors, and our experience puts us in a unique position to rise to this challenge.”

Lance Gillies is the mastermind behind the 4WD requirements of the new CORE system. Listen to the Overland Journal Podcast featuring Lance and his global travels. Method wheels, removal of the rear dual wheels, and Toyo 37-inch tires define the rolling chassis.


It is clear to our team that their 4WD system (based on our field testing) is well suited to wildland firefighting, mining and mineral exploration, geologists, and self-supported NGO teams. The CORE Chassis are subjected to extensive testing to meet FMVSS/DOT compliance, including brake system certification. Fuel system and exhaust routing are designed to ensure the truck also stays in compliance with EPA and other standards. As a gasoline V8, the CORE DIY platform is ideal for around-the-world travel (i.e., no DEF or diesel particulate filter systems).

EarthCruiser USA Announces CORE Vehicles, a New Division Focused on Commercial Markets

First product availability of four-wheel drive expedition-ready chassis maintaining the highest standards of EPA certification and brake testing. To learn more about CORE Vehicles, visit: or

Initial CORE Product Offerings

CORE Chassis with Box

$140k single cab chassis (4×4) w/ box

$155k dual cab chassis (4×4) w/ box

Approx. box dimensions: 13.7 length x 6.7 width x 6.8 height (inches)

CORE Chassis

$105K single cab chassis (4×4)

$120K dual cab chassis (4×4)

The double cab opens possibilities for families and backcountry crews.

Flat, narrow chassis rails are the DIY Shangri-La…

when compared with the factory Fuso.

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