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The Dometic Go Camp Collection Review

Dometic GO Camp collection set up at campI like to keep my car packed with whatever I’d need for my favorite outdoor pursuits. On any given day, my car is full of camping gear, bike gear, a camp cook setup, and probably more. But since I also use my vehicle for hauling people, groceries, and other less adventurous things, a lot of that outdoor gear travels from my car to the garage as often as it goes to the trail.

The Dometic Go collection is designed for exactly that. Each piece of this collection of premium camping gear stacks neatly in your car and moves easily back onto the shelf in your garage. These items will keep you comfortable at the trailhead, the beach, or wherever your adventures take you. They’ll also help keep your car and your garage organized.

Dometic GO camp collection packed into trunk of car

I’ve been using a handful of the items from the collection–the Hard Storage 50 Liter, the Compact Camp Chair, Compact Camp Bench, and Camp Blanket–and they’ve simplified transitioning from home to outdoors. They’re easy to store, easy to grab when you need them, and easy to pack in my trunk. Most importantly, each piece is one of the most functional in its category.

Dometic Go Hard Storage 50 Liter

Dometic GO 50 liter hardshell

This storage container is a massive improvement to the ubiquitous black tub with a yellow lid; it’s a hardshell box made with durable aluminum and impact-resistant polymer. Yes, this is just a box, but it’s a well-made box that’s durable enough to throw in your car and withstand the constant abuse of loading and unloading it. It’s held together with real stainless steel hardware; there are no rivets anywhere I can see here. This box is rugged enough to use as a step stool and can withstand falling off the top of your vehicle. Plus, it has tie-down points in case you need to lash it to your roof and don’t want it to fall off.

Dometic GO box packed

The bottom of the Hard Storage container has molded polymer feet that make it slide easily. And, it has handles precisely where you’d want them to be. These features make grabbing it off a shelf in the garage and sliding it into your trunk straightforward. The lid flips open on hinges, making it easier to open and close and more reliable. You secure the lid shut with a set of rubber latches, and you can close the latches with one hand. We all have one of those plastic bins that’s missing a lid, and the Hard Storage 50 Liter will never be that.


Dometic Go Compact Camp Chair

Dometic GO camp chair

A folding chair that does not compromise on comfort, it is durable enough to take loads of abuse and easily folds down to fit in its carrying case when you break camp.

This folding chair is one of the most comfortable I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting on. It supports my lower back, and obviously my behind, too. It has just enough of a backward lean to give it a laid-back feel without so much that I immediately want to fall asleep. I’m using this chair right now, laptop on my lap, comfortably typing away.

A thoughtful and stylish feature of this chair is the wooden armrests which are solid for leaning into with your arms, and the smooth wood finish feels better than metal or plastic on your bare skin. It’s missing a cup holder, but the Hard Storage container also works as an end table.

Dometic GO camp chair arm rest

This chair is constructed with high-quality aluminum and 600-denier nylon fabric. All the hinges fold easily and show no signs of weakness. The weight limit is 280 pounds, which seems conservative based on how sturdy it feels.

When it’s time to go, this chair collapses easily. Grab an armrest, then the opposite back support strut and the chair folds almost effortlessly. The carrying case has a zipper that goes mostly down one side of the bag and partially down the other, so you don’t have to stuff the folded chair into a small opening at the top. It also has two handles. One handle runs along the length of the bag and can be slung over the shoulder, while the other is on the top end. This top handle also makes pulling it out of a packed car easier.


Dometic Go Compact Camp Bench

Dometic GO Bench

This folding bench seats two adults and is the perfect solution for sitting around the fire with friends. One of these folding benches packs down smaller than a camp chair but sits two comfortably. Plus, it’s balanced so that no matter how close to the end a person sits on here, it doesn’t tip to that side. This means that if only one person uses this bench, you don’t have to worry about only sitting in the middle.

There’s no backrest, and it’s lower to the ground than the Compact Camp Chair, but this two-person seat does an excellent job at providing extra seats for not a lot of extra space in your vehicle. Plus, I found this makes a great footrest that multiple people can share.

Dometic GO camp bench folded

The Compact Camp Bench uses the same 600-denier nylon and high-quality aluminum as the Compact Camp Chair. It has a 300-pound capacity, which is only slightly higher than the chair’s capacity. I’d be comfortable pushing the weight limit of this bench based on how well-constructed it is, too.

The carrying case is the same shape as the Camp Chair’s, only smaller. It has two handles, one on the side and one on top. This bench folds too small to fit a shoulder strap, but it does fit inside the Hard Storage box, though.


Dometic Go Camp Blanket

Dometic GO camp blanket

Dometic’s new blanket is a versatile and cozy addition that also fits inside the Hard Storage box. Measuring 6.5 by 4.5 feet, one side is durable and waterproof, while the other is soft and padded. Thanks to the waterproof side, you can sit comfortably on the soft side of this blanket, and water won’t seep through. When packing it up, brush the dirt off the waterproof side, or hose it off when you get home.

This can be a picnic blanket, beach blanket, or area rug for your mobile living room. If you get caught in a storm, the waterproof side will work as protection from the weather, too. There are even small webbing loops on each of the four corners to make hanging this blanket like a tarp possible.

Dometic GO camp blanket waterproof side in action

Of course, you can simply wrap this blanket around your legs to keep warm while chatting with friends at night. This is a blanket, after all; it does everything that old blanket of yours does, plus more. When it gets dirty like you know it will, it’s machine washable, too.


Dometic GO camp collection packed into trunk of car

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to be roughing it anymore. The Dometic Go collection is the ready-when-you-are camping setup you didn’t know you needed. If you’re looking to expand your camp kitchen set up, the Dometic Camp Table, Hydration Jug, and Camp Faucet are good places to start. After your next camping trip, you’ll return relaxed, and packing your GO Collection away until next time will be a breeze.

For further details or to check out the rest of the Dometic Go camp collection, visit dometic.com.

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Sam Schild is a writer and outdoor adventurer based in the American West. His first outdoor love was adventure travel by bike. After a 7,000-mile bicycle tour ended at the Pacific Ocean, he confirmed he needed to make the West his home and moved to Colorado over a decade ago. He’s kept the adventures going: bikepacking the Kokopelli Trail and Colorado Trail multiple times; bikepacking countless other bike routes across the Southwest; thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, Grand Enchantment Trail; and more. He camps in his converted Honda Element, which serves as a basecamp for the next adventure. And if he’s not out somewhere, he’s scheming where to go next. IG: @Sia_lizard.