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Destination of the Week: Tamasopo – Waterfalls in a rainforest

Tamasopo is a Mexican town in the Huasteca region of San Luis Potosi, which is surrounded by green mountains and clear blue skies. The town is inhabited by a meager 4,326 people, half of whom still speak an indigenous language. One cannot help but imagine this region centuries ago before the European colonists arrived. There is a sense of history and a touch of magic in the sweet, hot air. It may seem slightly remote, and the toll road to access the town can be relatively expensive, but it is worth the visit.

There is really only one reason to visit this quaint and authentic town – the vast amount of waterfalls with clear water pools situated in a rain forest. Even though the pools get busy over the weekends with locals from Aguascalientes and San Luis Potosi escaping the heat, you can still find a quiet spot where you step out of your camper into a cold clear freshwater pool. We spent a long weekend following waterfall after stream through circuits and even spotted a water snake gliding past us. Should you choose to visit the area, we suggest arriving on Monday and leaving on Friday.

Several small waterfalls are accessible along the main road for a small fee. The three foremost attractions in the town are El Puente de Dios, Cascada de Tamasopo, and El Trampolin.

El Puente de Dios, “Bridge of God,” is situated in a gorge with swimming holes above and below the waterfall. A beautiful cave is also accessible to swim in, and the entrance fee starts from 30 MXN.

The Cascada de Tamasopo has three waterfalls that fall from 66-feet and is the most popular waterfall in the area. The entrance fee, including the mandatory lifejacket, starts at 100MXN, which gives you entry to the park and access to El Trampolin. Just keep in mind that during the rainy season, tickets are sold online as it can get exceptionally busy.

El Trampolin is smaller but more accessible for most. Several small waterfalls follow a canal that is surrounded by weeping willows and cypress trees, and if camping, you fall asleep to the quiet rush of the waterfall.

Don’t forget to get some aqua shoes as some of the areas are rocky and slippery.

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