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Redefined Sound :: Cardo’s Connect App 5.7 Update

This week saw great news for Cardo Freecom X and Spirit users, the new 5.7 Cardo Connect App update which promises to greatly improve listener experience.

The best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets continue to get ample time in moto forums. There are as many impassioned arguments for either side as there are dedicated and loyal users. Cardo users argue they prefer their units to Cardo competitor Sena because they’re waterproof and Cardo’s sound quality is better; Sena users maintain even downpours don’t hinder their communication devices and Sena’s sound quality is better. Both may be right, but comparing these units is a bit like comparing a Ducati Desert X to a Ducati Desert X.

Mostly, motorcyclists who want clear communications are still wondering why Cardo and Sena headsets still cannot mesh. Yes, there are videos detailing how to make intercoms compatible, but unless you’re planning to ride within six feet of each other, it isn’t happening.

But back to the good news. The Cardo Connect App has released its 5.7 update which means Cardo Freecom X and Spirit users will no longer have to endure music volume drops when another user talks – or sneezes or coughs too loudly.

Cardo has promised its users they have improved the “layered sound experience making it essentially identical to the Packtalk Edge.” This essentially means they have redefined the scale for music and radio volume drop for background audio when chatting with fellow riders. The update also means a recalibration of the master volume control, allowing users more freedom to control each music source’s sound levels. Additionally, iOS users can now select non-Apple Music apps as a default setting. Freecom X and Spirit users can also now switch between left and right speakers through the Sounds setting screen.

Now, if we can just get our sound systems to mesh. Happy trails.


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