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CAKE Develops New “Kalk AP” Electric Anti-Poaching Bike

CAKE Kalk AP bush bike

Swedish electric dirt bike company CAKE, which is on a mission to bring sustainable electric transportation to the world, has partnered with Goal Zero and the Southern African Wildlife College to take on poachers with their new Kalk AP or “anti-poaching” bush bike.

Based on the original Kalk platform, the CAKE product team has collaborated with park rangers to design the Kalk AP to aid in their anti-poaching efforts through specific adaptations. The Kalk AP has extra sealing on the drivetrain and suspension as well as a modified suspension that aims to deliver a low maintenance ride with a progressive rear shock and front fork with spring and no air. Identical 18-inch wheels with 3.5-inch tires deliver a balance of floatation and traction. The fenders and other plastic parts have been replaced with a fiber-reinforced biocomposite from Trifilon to deliver lightweight components that are also durable. And finally, the drivetrain software of the Kalk AP has been configured to deliver maximum torque with a moderate top-end speed and an additional riding mode for hard surfaces when a higher top-speed is advantageous for riders.

Kalk AP details 1Kalk AP front wheel

Kalk AP side

Optimization of the anti-poaching program in addition to field-analysis and education/training for future rangers is being facilitated by the Southern African Wildlife College.

To develop this fleet of electric motorbikes and the solar power stations that will charge them, CAKE is offering 50 Kalk AP electric bikes available as a “charity combo” for the price of $25,000 USD. This purchase price of $25k will provide two bikes: one Kalk AP bike for the purchaser, and one Kalk AP bike plus a Goal Zero charging station which will be delivered to the Southern African Wildlife College.

Kalk AP headlight

“Poaching has devastating consequences for all wildlife, all over the world. In some instances, it is the primary reason why many species face the risk of extinction. Contrary to general perception, one of the strongest reasons for poaching is due to poverty and the need for food among local inhabitants. Areas with widespread poaching are often large, remote, and lacking roads, making patrolling by car virtually impossible.

Using motorbikes is an essential part of anti-poaching in Africa. Today these bikes run on inaccessible gasoline and their noise warns poachers miles away: Unsustainable and inefficient. By utilizing CAKEs electric off-road motorcycles, the goal is to increase efficiency in catching poachers by quietly sneaking upon them. Later this year, the CAKE Kalk AP will enter field operations when the SAWC begins formally testing the motorcycles with the associated Goal Zero solar kits as part of its educational curriculum and training.”


Learn more about the CAKE Kalk AP here.

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