BioLite Headlamp 200


Editor’s note: This article was originally published in Overland Journal’s Fall 2021 Issue.

As overlanders, we often think of multi-purpose function, compact size, durability, and comfort when it comes to our rigs. BioLite incorporated each quality into this headlamp, and it has earned a place in my seat-back system.

The device is so comfortable that I almost forgot it was on my head. The neoprene material is soft around the entire band and wicks moisture away while drying quickly, making it more useful during strenuous activity. The strap is simple to adjust and can be worn by large children to adults, and can fit over a heavy hood or helmet.

The 200 available lumens have met all challenges I’ve faced so far, though adjusting the light between the four options (including dimming) was difficult to get used to. I recommend a gentle touch and patience, as any frustration can lead to harder pressure. Another convenience is that you can charge the headlamp from a power bank with a micro-USB connection. I’ve used the BioLite to inspect my truck after an adventure, gather firewood for a late-night campfire, and read in my rooftop tent. I haven’t found much use for the red light or strobe effect, but they are available if needed in an emergency or when trying not to bother the eyesight of those around you. Available in multiple colors, BioLite’s headlamp provides more than the basics at a great value while not going overboard with bells and whistles.

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Lisa Williams is an Arizona native that spent much of her childhood exploring backroads with her family in whatever project vehicle her father was wrenching on at the time. She has traveled the continental United States by foot, by Ford Econoline, and, most recently, by Jeep Cherokee. All her passions center around driving, connecting with nature, and a deep love for adventure. Though a practicing weekend warrioress, she aspires to write, photograph, and eventually rally race around the globe and share her journeys through photojournalism. Upcoming goals include competing in the Rebelle Rally, the Baja 1000, and an immersion into the less-traveled roads of New Zealand in her 2019 Toyota Tacoma.