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  • Author: Logan Watts and Virginia Krabill

La Aduana: Two 1989 Bandeirante FJ45 Land Cruisers

Finding a diesel FJ45 in good condition these days is hard, but finding one for less than a small fortune is impossible. This is especially true of the four seat models, which are so rare that their prices are simply absurd. So what is the Cruiser enthusiast to do when they don’t have hundreds of thousands…

EarthRoamer’s 2017 XV-LTS

EarthRoamers aren’t the most agile or affordable of overland vehicles, but they do have an undeniable cool factor. Something about combining granite counter tops and wine coolers with 41″ tires and bead-lock wheels seems to appeal to people, and in truth it’s not hard to see why. These vehicles are luxury apartments on wheels, and now the…