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  • Author: Daniela Wagner

Guinea Bissau is an Unnoticed Gem on Africa’s West Coast

From Senegal to Guinea Bissau In a small clay hut, behind a crooked, much too low, and visibly worn-out plywood table, Guinea Bissau’s customs officer sits on his white plastic garden chair looking at the carnet. Obviously, he doesn’t know what to do with our vehicle’s customs document lying upside down in front of him….

Caught Up in the COVID-19 Crisis in Saudi Arabia

A life on the street, a life in a van—after more than four years in Africa, we thought that nothing and nobody could stop us. But then came coronavirus. Africa We spent 1,561 formative days on the African continent, and every country left its mark—a total of 36 countries, 49 border crossings, and countless roadblocks…