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ARB Releases Air Lockers for Discovery 3 and 4 (LR3 and LR4)

For the first time, front and rear air locking differentials are available for the Discovery 3 and 4

Overland Journal is fortunate to receive the first two pre-production Air Lockers for the front and rear differentials of the Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4 (LR3 / LR4). Over the past year, our team has worked to identify the upper limits of performance and capability of our LR4 project, including lifting the suspension 60-millimeters over stock, installing factory 18-inch wheels and 33-inch diameter LT all-terrain tires. We have also installed heavy-duty front and rear steel bumpers, aluminum rock sliders and additional skid plates, all in an effort to determine suitability and durability of the platform for remote adventure travel on technical terrain. While traveling with Expeditions 7 this past spring, our route included a visit to the ARB headquarters in Melbourne, Australia and a discussion about our project LR4 with the engineering team. ARB has identified that the LR3/LR4 is growing in popularity in both Australia and North America as a legitimate overland platform, so they started working on the first non-OEM locking differentials and agreed to send Overland Journal the first pair. Production units and inventory will be available from ARB at the end of 2013.


While some LR3s and LR4s come delivered with the optional HD package and rear electronic locking differential, most do not. In addition, none of the LR3/LR4s were delivered with front locking differentials, so this is the first opportunity to achieve a fully locked new generation Discovery with factory center locker and front/rear air lockers. We are in the process of installing these new differentials, and are working with Land Rover Las Vegas on the differential set-up. The entire system will be installed and tested in time for the SEMA show in Las Vegas this November. We are excited to continue pushing the limits of performance with the Discovery 4 – stay tuned!

ARB USA: 866-293-9083
ARB International: 03-9761-6622
Land Rover Las Vegas (qualified installer): 702-579-0400
Overland Journal LR4 Project Thread:

Discovery 4 air locker
The Discover 4 has proven to be a capable and comfortable adventure machine. We have over 11,000 miles on our project truck with zero failures.

Installing front and rear Air Lockers allows the driver to progress through technical terrain at a slow and steady pace, limiting wheel spin and damage to the trail.
With the lockers on or off, all other factory systems perform as expected. This means traction control is still available if both diffs are off, or just the rear is engaged.
The driver now has total control.


Scott is the publisher and co-founder of Expedition Portal and Overland Journal. His travels by 4WD and adventure motorcycle span all seven continents and include three circumnavigations of the globe. His polar travels include two vehicle crossings of Antarctica and the first long-axis crossing of Greenland. He lives in Prescott, Arizona IG: @scott.a.brady Twitter: @scott_brady