ARB Intensity Solis LED Lights Illuminate the Trail

ARB Intensity Solis LED Lights Illuminate the Trail

The new ARB Intensity Solis LED lights are round, focused driving lights that illuminate the road or trail with an impressive 165 watts of power packed into a heat-dissipating aluminum housing. Thanks to the low-profile, squat design, ARB says that the Intensity Solis LED lights have reduced oscillation and vibration while driving whether they are mounted to your vehicle bumper or mounting tabs.


Jeep Rubicon with new ARB Solis LED lights

ARB Intensity Solis LED Light Specs

The ARB Intensity Solis LED light specs are impressive at first glance. These round driving lights measure in at 9 inches across and are offered in both flood or spot versions with 1 lux of output at 729 meters (2,391 feet) and 1,032 meters (3,385 feet), respectively (measured as pairs). The high output of the Intensity Solis is achieved with the help of 36 OSRAM LEDs: 6×10 watt LEDs and 30×4 watt LEDs are housed in a tuned reflector with a polycarbonate lens cover. Light temperature is very close to daylight at 5,700k.



The ARB Intensity Solis LED lights also come with a silicone-sleeved digital touchpad that offers five levels of dimming for drivers to fine-tune light output based on the driving conditions they encounter. With a raw light output of 18,178 lumens, a dimmer is crucial and is included in the Solis lighting kit. The electrical current draw of the lights is measured at 12.4a @ 13.2v.



The ARB Intensity Solis LED lights are IP68 certified for water and dust resistance and have a three-year warranty.


ARB Intensity Solis LED Light Covers and Bezels

ARB Intensity Solis LED light covers are available in three different options: clear, black, and amber. The Intensity Solis lights also have interchangeable bezels that are offered in black or red for further customization.




Check out the full list of specs for the ARB Intensity Solis LED lights.


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