ARB Offers It All for the New Wrangler JL

ARB JL Wrangler Accessories

The Australians introduce their full overland product line for the newest Wrangler

ARB has one of the best reputations for quality and durability in the overland industry, and consumers have trusted their products for generations. They have been the top choice for accessorizing Toyotas, Land Rovers, and other import brands. Throughout the years, they have also offered parts for Jeeps, and have been famous for their Air Lockers even in the Jeeping communities. With the release of the JL Wrangler, the team at ARB have decided to go all-in on this new model, and not just with their traditional offerings. There will now be trail-specific bumpers, sliders, and suspension systems. Check out the full line-up here:


For bumpers, the ARB is visually iconic and has a reputation for enduring the worst of animal impacts. However, some backcountry travelers and offroaders want additional clearance for trail work too. This has been addressed with the new Classic Deluxe Front Bumper and the Classic Stubby. Personally, I thing the Stubby looks great on the JL and provide massive improvements to approach angle and ledge clearance while still providing for a winch provision and light mounting. There is a 3″ tube that protects the grill and radiator. Also notable is the size and strength of the integrated recovery points, which pass through the bumper and attach directly to the vehicle chassis. There are provisions for radio aerials too.


The new ARB rear bumper is also thoughtful for both travel and the trail with wide coverage for impact protection, but also utilizing a unique design that improves both departure angle and rear quarter panel clearance.  The bumper mounts to the chassis horns and allows for pass-through style full rated recovery points (that also mount to the chassis). There is a clever spot to mount an air chuck too

Roof Rack

Fitting a roof rack to the Wrangler is a serious challenge, as even with the new drip rail on the molded hardtop, the Jeep is not designed to carry a heavy clamping load. The only way to accommodate larger racks and even roof tents is be using a reinforcing rack mount that installs to the cage or body of the vehicle and then supports the rack. ARB has accomplished this in a discrete way that passes through the top and connects to their proprietary internal frame.  It is welded from aluminum with an expanded metal floor and the capacity for supporting up to 287 pounds (which exceeds the factory dynamic roof load rating, so that number is the rack strength only).  The rack looks good and has a low profile for garage and trail clearance. Link to more details on the rack


The Wrangler Unlimited has needed aftermarket suspension help since the beginning to address the low spring rate of the factory coils and to add a few inches of additional clearance for improved breakover angle. For the JL, ARB has designed a premium BP-51 high-performance system and a more traditional Old Man Emu Nitrocharger kit. Both can be paired with application-specific spring rates (load ratings). What is most notable is that both solutions fully address suspension angles and alignments to address the changes in both vehicle dynamics and factory specifications. The height increase is 3.5 inches for Sport and Sahara models, and 2.5 inches for the Rubicon. The kits are all-inclusive with new links and panhard rods, etc. Link to more details on the suspension systems

OME BP-51 Suspension for WranglerOME_Suspension_Wrangler

Additional Accessories

With a full product line, ARB has also produced additional accessories for the new JL, including full-length rock sliders that will support the weight of the vehicle and also protect the doors from most side impacts. These sliders are multi-folded 4mm steel. The integrated laser-cut ARB logo is a nice touch.

Also available is a new set of ARB Seat Skin seat covers that protect the seats and still function with the side impact airbags. They feature a classic topo map design and are constructed from 3mm premium thermoset elastomer. Both water resistant and flame resistant, the covers can be purchased individually or as a full set for both the front and rear seats.

As travelers, we need good organization, and ARB has also launched an application-specific drawer system for the JL. It has all of the classic Outback Solutions roller drawer features, but focuses on one large drawer as opposed to two smaller units. This gives more storage space overall (not lost to individual drawer sides and slides) and also allows for the massive integrated roller floor top. The system features anti roll-back and anti rattle designs, and is constructed from galvanized and stainless steel with UV stable carpet.


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