Airstream Gets Off-Roady

Airstream has a long legacy of adventure. From their iconic journeys across North America to their largely off-road trek from Cape Town to Cairo, this company and its trailers have inspired millions to get out and explore the world around them. Now they’re embracing that heritage even more by letting customers go further from the beaten path with the Basecamp X. This streamlined beauty is based on the standard Basecamp and weighs just 2,635 pounds, making it easily towable by almost any crossover, SUV, or truck. It packs all the same luxurious features of the standard model, but with more grit and armor for the trail.

It starts with a 3-inch lift kit for added ground clearance which does wonders for the overall stance. They then add new 235/75/15 Goodyear Wrangler all-terrain tires for additional puncture resistance on rough terrain and a more aggressive appearance. To protect the shining front of the trailer, they installed stainless steel front stone guards and solar front window protection. Finally, the wheels have been changed to a “Black Shadow” design for improved looks and longevity after off-road use.

Inside the trailer, you’ll find a surprisingly spacious living area with all the comforts of home. There’s heat for those cold winter trips, optional air-conditioning for the scorching summers, and a large kitchen with onboard water, a stove, spice rack, and some counter space (hallelujah) to actually prepare a meal. There’s even a dinette with seating for five at which to eat it. At night, you can plug your phone or computer into the standard power system to do a little work, or hang out and read a book under the LED interior lighting. Both are powered by two group 24 deep cycle batteries and an inverter, or the upgraded package with 160 watts of solar and two deep cycle AGM batteries for extended stays off the grid.

Naturally, there’s loads of storage for whatever equipment you need for your adventures. Bungee gear hammocks located on either side of the trailer’s interior keep things organized and in place on the go, while cabinets, drawers, and bins around the walls can stow everything from recovery gear to climbing ropes. So you’re a kayaker? No worries, The Basecamp can actually fit the boat inside the trailer thanks to the rear hatch!

Just because you’re out there hitting the trails, riding bikes, or climbing a mountain doesn’t mean you need to stay dirty though. There’s also an interior bathroom and shower combo, with an exterior shower for rinsing off or cleaning gear. The water tanks supplying these include 12V heaters to prevent freezing during the winter.

When the day is done, and you’re ready to hit the sack, a 76 x76-inch bed inside the trailer is there to welcome you. Because it uses the fold-down dinette, the bed only takes up the rear of the Basecamp, which still allows you to hop up and use the washroom or cook breakfast in the morning while your partner sleeps. Additional room for campers can be added with the optional attachable tents or covered porch.

Offhand we can say that the Basecamp isn’t going to go everywhere a dedicated overland trailer could, but it’s also a LOT more comfortable and we can dig that. Our only question is just how far this trailer can really go off-road. We might just have to take one on a trip to find out. Until then, check out the Airstream Basecamp on their website here. 

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