Air Compressor Series

AT Overland Equipment outfits a fair number of on-board air systems to vehicles, we also sell portable compressors to take care of tire and air bag inflation, so it was wonderful to spend a day with George Carousos from Extreme Outback and tap into his encyclopedic knowledge of air systems. George has a unique perspective on the subject as he works with the overland community, the military, and heavy equipment companies. We spent the day having an in depth discussion on everything from, why it’s a good idea to air down, to what duty cycle really is. We cover the conversation in this eleven part video series.

Why air your tires down?

This video looks at how decreasing the pressure in your tires protects them from internal damage by dissipating pressure and absorbing rock impact.

What’s the best compressor for my needs? (part 1)

Does having big tires mean you need a big compressor? We look at tire size, tire type, and PSI range to give you an idea of which compressor will work for you.

What’s the best compressor for my needs? (part 2)

We go more into depth with the volume of air needed to fill tires, load range and PSI.

Duty Cycle: how long can a compressor run?

The mystery of Duty Cycle, it’s a term often thrown around but what does it actually mean? How is duty cycle effected by ambient temperature, and PSI? How hot does it get under the hood?

12 Volt Power

A compressor can draw as much power as a winch, pulling 40 –80 amps of load for ten minutes, so it’s important you have a good quality battery. We recommend sizing the electrical cable correctly, having a good ground, and idling the engine when running the compressor to get the full 14 volts out of the alternator.

Air Tools

Minimum requirements are a ½ horsepower compressor and an air tank. The air tank provides the reservoir of kinetic energy to give steady cfm, air pressure and torque values.

Do I need an air tank?

If you are running accessories, tools, or air bags an air tank is recommended. An air tank makes work like re-seating a bead easier and provided consistent air pressure to run accessories. We look at portable air tanks as a solution.

On-Board Air versus Portable Compressors

It’s all personal preference.

Dual Sport Motorcycle Compressors

Small compressors and Dual Sport. Airing tires down for protection and terrain variation.

Components for a Hard Mounted System

We lay out all the parts you need to connect the compressor and air tank together and wire them up to the vehicles electrical system.

Mounting the System onto the Vehicle

The final steps in the process, accessing the air at the back of the vehicle, bolting the compressor and air tank to the chassis, and plumbing the airlines and electrical.