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Ahead of the curve: Lazer Lamps’ Long Range LED Driving Light

There’s no arguing that LED light bars have made serious waves in the four-wheel drive world. Whether it’s walking your way around SEMA in Las Vegas or stopping by your local 4×4 club, it seems most vehicles are decked out with at least one light bar. Unfortunately due to their size and shape, many of these products have struggled to produce the effective range of traditional HID driving lights; which is why we were excited when we bumped into Chris Armelin from Lazer lamps at the Abenteuer and Allrad show in Germany.


Lazer ltd. was founded in 2010 with a goal of making the lightest, strongest, most effective lights they could. From spot lights to driving lights and competitive rally equipment, there are plenty of impressive products to drool over on their site, all of which are built in the UK and include a three year warranty at no extra cost. Lazer goes further than their own testing however and puts their products through the British Standards Institute which grants them road legal status. Of all their cool products available, we were most excited about their new Triple-R Elite long range driving lamps.



These high performance units aren’t your everyday lights, but are designed to perform in the torturous conditions of rally racing. Built inside an IP67 magnesium case, the light is 33% lighter than an aluminum equivalent, is waterproof up to 1 meter and can operate in temperatures from 176 F to -40 F. To prevent rock chips, cracks, and impact damage from debris, the lens is made from a polycarbonate which is nearly unbreakable according to Lazer, and is guaranteed for as long as you own the product.


A host of other features from ram air cooling and thermal management systems, to CAE optimized heatsink and silicone coated Gore-Tex liners attest to the company’s attention to detail; but let’s get to the juicy subject, output. To make a light bar achieve the desired range they knew they would have to up the ante. Before designing anything else Lazer switched to an led which was 20% brighter than any of their standard products. Next, they developed a new reflection system which points the light straight up into a vacuum metallised hood and aims it out in a long range driving beam pattern. The result is a 15″ light bar that puts 1 lux out to 665 meters, .5 lux to nearly 1000 meters, and .25 lux to 1330 meters. We’d say that gives you plenty of reaction time.


The Triple-R series is priced between £228.00 and £480.00 depending on the model and size selected. For that you get the light, wiring kit, installation manual, and Lazers flexible bracket mounting system.


Although Lazer is based in the UK, their products are available in the United States through their website found here. You may also contact them for general inquiries at the following phone number +44 (0)1992 677374

Lazer is currently looking to partner with a U.S. distributor. If you’re interested in working with their team, contact Chris Armelin at chris@lazerlamps.com or +44 (0)7966207715


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