The latest addition to Schutt Industries’ line of severe duty consumer trailers, the XVENTURE XV-2, further expands on the capabilities of the XV-1 with new features and accessories. Most notable among the new options is the 7.5-foot Chef’s Galley, complete with three-burner stove, commercial-grade hot/cold water tap, and plenty of work space.



Also new to the XV-2 is a flush-mount hard tonneau cover. This lockable shell, which can be folded up from either end to access cargo, or removed completely, provides safe and secure storage for all your equipment in any environment. It’s also notable that this sealed cover won’t just protect your valuables from theft, but from damage due to heavy dust and water as well. (A Velcro-attached soft tonneau cover is also available). The 59.5 x 89 x 18 inch bed carries over from the XV-1, maintaining its generous 49-inches between the wheel wells. Concealed within the bed are the freshwater fill port, 12VDC power outlets, hot water heater, and storage for the galley system. In keeping with it’s military background, the removable tailgate is rated for the same weight capacity as the trailer itself. (We’re told that in military tests, this gate held more than the weight of some cars. We’d tell you the exact number… but then we’d have to kill you). So why is this so significant? It means that your quad, dirt bike, adventure motorcycle, and yes even your beer cooler, can be supported solely by this gate. No more worrying about removal to prevent damage. Just roll the ramp and cargo right onto the gate and you’re good to go.



The XVENTURE doesn’t skimp when it comes to tongue storage either. The full width nose box is large enough to fit a 50 quart ARB fridge/freezer, and is divided into compartments for organization. A protected area holds the dual battery system, switches, shore-power chargers, solar controller, fuse block and other electrical wiring. There’s also a center compartment sized to secure two 5-gallon jerrycans of fuel or water. A 20# propane tank sits forward of the nose box and provides fuel to the hot water heater and galley stove. Clearly, with all the valuable electronic equipment up here, Schutt took the time to make sure this front box was completely sealed from water and dust.


The adjustable-height roof rack is large enough to handle the biggest trailer-top tents, awnings, or other adventure gear. Our test unit was equipped with a brand new James Baroud roof top tent, which complements the trailers styling well. Integrated lighting options are available for the galley and work areas and an optional powered lift system is expected in the near future for the rack.



To keep the center-of-gravity low, the 22-gallon fresh water supply rides just above the mil-spec torsion suspension axle and is shrouded in an armored cradle made of 3/16th military grade aluminum. For those of you wondering, thats the same grade aluminum the entire trailer is constructed of. Providing the user with as many utility options as possible, three rear receiver hitches are included for accessory mounting including racks, recovery shackles, an optional swing-out spare tire carrier, and more. Underbody and general area lighting are provided by integrated LED rock lights that provide excellent night visibility. Quick release fittings are mounted to the galley side of the trailer for hot and cold water, and propane. In the rear, two independently adjustable stabilizer jacks are mounted to the frame and manual parking brakes keep the trailer in place when disconnected from the tow vehicle. As an interesting side note, the rear stabilizers are also mil-spec, making them strong enough to allow the entire trailer to rotate on one in an emergency.



The all-aluminum XV-2 weighs in at 1,190 pounds empty, and has a total payload capacity of 2,315 pounds (including water, propane, and all accessories). Exterior dimensions are 151.5″ L x 75″ W with a minimum height of 50.5″ depending on rack position and trailer-top tent size. Running ground clearance is a generous 18 inches.



Over the next month we’ll be taking the XV-2 out on the trails to see what it can do, and how it stacks up against the competition. Check back next month for our mid-term review. In the mean time, visit Schutt Industries for a complete list of specifications, options, accessories, and pricing information.


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