XOverland Announces First Annual Overland Film Festival

Attention all overland filmmakers: Expedition Overland is hosting the first-ever annual Overland Film Festival this September and they want your film submissions!

“The Overlander Film Fest is a worldwide film competition and presentation of short and long-form films based on authentic overland-style adventures. It is a recognition of storytelling and filmmaking amidst the backdrop of overlanding and adventure travel. From the weekend warrior to the epic trip down to Baja or beyond, this Film Fest is dedicated to filmmakers who want to inspire, educate, and entertain the overland community and lifestyle.”

Films can be submitted between August 1 and 31 of this year (2020) and can be anywhere from 5-12 minutes in length. There is even a junior category for filmmakers who are 17 years old or younger (their submissions should be under 5 minutes in length). For more information regarding film festival details and instructions on how to submit your film, check with XOverland’s Instagram account as they will be posting updates in the near future.


Some more submission guidelines to get you started:

  • Required file size/format: Mp4 MOV H264 file format required (1920x1080p 80, 23.98/24 frames per second)
  • High-res YouTube format
  • No profanity; MUST be family-friendly content 
  • Assembled this year – could have been filmed at any time
  • Has to be exclusive, can’t be released or public anywhere else 
  • No overt advertisements, promotions, plugs, or commercial advertising or social channels, and no political agenda


Although it may sound a bit vague, XOverland says that films will be judged on the basis of “best story” and yes, there will be prizes (they say the grand price is going to be epic).



If you have additional, specific questions about submitting a film, you can reach out to contact@overlanderfilmfest.com.


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Matthew Swartz is originally from Connecticut and currently lives in Denver, Colorado where he passionately pursues rock climbing, trail running, and skiing. Matt’s love of travel has inspired him to through-hike the JMT and part of the PCT, bike across the United States, and explore the West coast of South America from Ecuador to Patagonia. Matt and his partner Amanda have also travelled across much of the Western US in their 1964 Clark Cortez RV, which they lived in, on the road for the better part of three years. Matt has worked for the USFS as an Interpretive Ranger and Wildland Firefighter and Matt's photography and writing has been published in Rova Magazine, the Leatherman blog, 'Hit The Road' by Gestalten Publishing, and Forbes.