XGRiD Track Trailer Tvan Coming to the USA

XGRiD Campers, with branches in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Knoxville, Tennessee, has recently announced that they are importing the award-winning Australian Track Trailer Tvan series of offroad trailers to the USA. Since its introduction in 2000, the Tvan Camper Trailer has gained recognition for its unique design and superior off-road performance. It has earned several prestigious awards in Australia, such as the Camper Trailer of the Millennium and the Off-Road Camper of the Year in its category for the years 2009, 2011, and 2015.

The Track Trailer Tvan is distinguished by its innovative and unique design, exceptional off-road capabilities, and robust construction. Its compact efficiency, integrated outdoor living features, and quick setup process have made both trailers a practical choice for Australian adventurers. XGRiD is holding stock of the Inspire and Zenith Tvan models; despite their shared lineage, the Inspire and Zenith cater to distinctly different camping experiences.

At their core, both the Tvan Inspire and Zenith models boast rugged off-road capabilities and are engineered to conquer diverse terrains. These trailers feature a durable chassis and an advanced suspension system. Their design prioritizes not just the ability to reach remote destinations but also to do so with proven reliability.

Ease of setup is another hallmark shared by the Inspire and the Zenith, allowing campers to transition swiftly from travel to comfort. This efficiency is complemented by a distinctive rear folding hard shell design, which ensures protection against all weather conditions while maintaining a compact, aerodynamic profile when towed. Both models are equipped with slide-out kitchens with stoves, sinks, and storage, alongside integrated storage solutions for gear, food, and personal items.

The Inspire may appeal more to those who value straightforward, functional design and essential comforts, offering a more accessible entry point into the Tvan lifestyle. Its interior layout and standard features emphasize usability and efficiency, catering to adventurers who prioritize simplicity and value.

The Zenith positions itself as a more premium offering, with potential upgrades in luxury and convenience features that might include advanced electrical systems, premium finishing materials, and enhanced entertainment options. These features elevate the camping experience and reflect a higher price point.

The exterior design and functionality also vary, with each model sporting unique awning styles, storage solutions, and lighting options. These differences affect not only the trailers’ aesthetic appeal but also their practicality, impacting how adventurers interact with their environment.

From $56,000 | Track Trailer Tvan Inspire

From $73,000 | Track Trailer Tvan Zenith


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