Why Buy Gear when You Can Rent?

Any of you who have taken a long road trip or lived on the road have probably learned that one of the main limiting factors everyone comes to terms with is storage space. It’s possible to get by with less, but for those of you who live a gear-intensive lifestyle (the multi-sport folks), this can present some challenges. How do you fit biking gear, skiing gear, camping gear, climbing gear, and more into a small space while still maintaining enough room to live comfortably?

Here’s a possible solution. Instead of owning and hauling a bunch of equipment around the country (U.S. only right now), why not rent the things you need, sending them on their way once you are done with them? That’s the idea behind Gearo, a new North America-based gear rental subscription service. It’s as simple as picking a monthly rental package, making a reservation, and picking up your rental gear from any of the participating retail shops across the U.S.

Rental locations in Colorado (From Denver to Glenwood Springs)


What’s Included in the Gearo Equipment Rental Program?

Gearo offers equipment rentals through participating retailers across a variety of categories including camping, snowboarding, biking, skiing, and kayaking. Depending on which monthly package customers choose, they will have a pre-determined number of rentals to redeem within a one year period. With three subscription packages, there are options for a variety of needs.


Combination Pass– 8 two-day rentals. Two per category: Ski/snowboard, camping, kayak/paddleboard, and bike.

Experience Pass – 12 two-day rentals. Three per category: Ski/snowboard, camping, kayak/paddleboard, and bike.

Go Big Pass – 15 two-day rentals from any of the categories offered.


The Value of Convenience

Gearo advertises that their customers are getting anywhere from $3,200 to $6,000 of value from their rental packages which cost between $33 and $69 per month. That’s assuming that a single-day rental will cost you $200. And while you can generally get season-long rentals of equipment for less than that price (for instance: my partner got skis for a whole season for under $200 last year), it’s hard to deny the convenience of short-term rentals of such a large variety of rental equipment, across the United States. This is especially true if you enjoy being spontaneous with your outdoor activities and value the space savings you’ll enjoy from now owning the equipment long-term.

Gearo’s rental program that will let you ski one day, bike the next, SUP the next, camp the next… you get the idea. And the beauty is that when you are done with your adventure, you just return your rental gear and continue on your merry way. Gone are the days of strategically packing all of your sporting equipment into the oddly-shaped storage compartments in your van or RV, hoping that it will all fit (and that you won’t want that item that’s all the way in the back). One of the other main benefits of Gearo’s rental program is that you won’t have to worry about equipment maintenance. Picture your skis or bike being perfectly-tuned every time you grab them to head out the door. And because you don’t need to maintain your rental equipment, you are saving time, additional storage space in your vehicle, and money.

You can sign up for Gearo’s Gear Pass on their website and rent equipment across the U.S.

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