Video :: Will the Maverick Tremor Off-Road and Overland?

Scott Brady tests the new Ford Maverick Tremor Off-Road and Overland, including deep snow, and rocks that push the limits of ground clearance and traction. This pint-sized adventure truck is a surprising value at $32,000, and even with a GoFast Camper and a few accessories, it would come in under $40,000 as a drive-around-the-world overlander.The Tremor package includes a few important upgrades and is available on the XLT and Lariat trim levels:

  1. 1″ taller springs for additional ground clearance.
  2. Revised shock damping and suspension rates
  3. Trail control (a version of trail cruise control)
  4. Improved approach angle with Tremor-specific front bumper
  5. Twin-clutch rear drive unit with clutch-activated “locking” feature (the system is effective, but is not a mechanical 100% lock)
  6. Upgraded CV axles and trasmission cooler
  7. Steel skid plates
  8. Larger diameter (29.5″) Falken Wildpeak AT3W all-terrain tires | $32,000 as tested