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Video of the Week :: 1,000 Miles Across Alaska with a 1975 Honda CT90 & 2021 Trail 125

This week we found a gem with a double whammy of absolute entertainment goodness!

Ari Henning and Zack Courts from RevZilla are both expert motorcyclists, writers, and road racers who have been riding motorcycles from an early age. Their fathers were both notable motorcycle track racers, so it was natural for the sons to gravitate towards each other, and they have remained steadfast friends since then.

Both Ari and Zack have been motorcycle journalists for many years now. When they undertook their first adventure together to recreate the infamous scene from Dumb & Dumber, in which Lloyd and Harry ride from Nebraska to Aspen on their “hog”, we knew that their next adventure would be even more memorable.

In this week’s video, Ari and Zack ride a 1975 Honda CT90 and a 2021 Trail 125 from Anchorage to Prudhoe Bay. Some would say that riding a tiny motorcycle that is small enough to hoist onto the back of an overland truck (it weighs a mere 188 pounds) across Alaska is madness. The bikes they chose are not ideal for highway riding as both the CT90 and Trail 125 are marketed as trail bikes. Our heroes did not limit themselves to the security of paved roads —the took the adventure to the next level by riding their fully loaded bikes on some off-road trails with street tires.

We love Ari and Zack’s energy, knowledge, and humor and are keen to see what adventurous road trip they will be taking on next.


Bonus Content: Ed March, the zany Brit who rides his Honda C90 all over the world (the bike is over 3o years old and was purchased for £150) completed the same journey in 2013, but in winter. Take some extra time to watch this unconventional but inspiring trip.

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