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Utah’s Unique Land Cruiser Heritage Museum Inspires Adventure from its New Location

The Land Cruiser Heritage Museum offers a unique opportunity to experience one of the most iconic and longest-standing sport utility vehicles in the Toyota lineup. Its mission is to “celebrate the history of the Land Cruiser while preserving its legacy and inspiring adventure.”

The museum planted its roots in a specially designed building at the former Miller Motorsports Park near Tooele, Utah, but moved to Salt Lake City in 2015, where it is more accessible to guests who wish to visit and explore. This location houses a unique collection of 104 Land Cruisers, including the Expeditions 7 Land Cruisers, which traversed all seven continents, covering more than 58,000 miles over three years (check out the full story). In addition to an expansive array of Land Cruisers, the museum also features classic Toyota models such as an FJ Cruiser, Blizzards, a Delta Mini Cruiser, and a variety of trucks dating back to the 1950s and 1960s. Private collectors and vehicle owners have loaned their vehicles, scale models, memorabilia, artwork, and vintage owner’s manuals, all of which are on display.

The museum recently hosted the 12th Annual CruiserFest, an event that connects the outdoor and off-road communities while providing educational and networking opportunities. CruiserFest welcomes people of all ages and includes an outdoor car show, tours of the museum, as well as workshops and presentations aimed toward increasing visitors’ “appreciation of the outdoors and sharpening their skills for getting out to explore the world around them.” This year’s guests included Randy Nonnenberg (co-founder and president of bringatrailer.com), Dan Busey (Land Cruiser specialist who retired after 26 years as a Toyota parts manager), and the museum’s very own Kurt Williams (member of the museum’s board of directors and a life-long off-roading enthusiast).

The Toyota Land Cruiser is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic and venerated overland vehicles of all time. The museum provides a fantastic chance to immerse yourself in the rich history and epic adventure stories that make this vehicle so special. The Land Cruiser Heritage Museum address is 476 W. 600 N., Salt Lake City, UT 84103. Alternatively, check out the exhibits and overland journeys shared on their website, landcruiserhm.com.


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