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ufyt Systems, A Drawer System for Full Sized Trucks

As the old English proverb says, necessity is the mother of invention. For forward thinker Henrik Hofvander of Boulder, Colorado, he needed a storage solution for the cab of his truck and the invention which followed was his ufyt Systems modular drawers. An avid overlander, Henrik used his experience from the road and his talents in the business world to create a refined product that is sure to be a long term success.

The key to the ufyt system is the Backframe which mounts to the same mounting points used for the rear seats of an extended cab truck. With mounts designed to fit a particular make and model truck, the system requires no drilling or other complicated installation procedures. Once in place, the Backframe accommodates an assortment of storage boxes to meet the user’s needs. Those boxes are available in three different finishes: mahogany, birch, and cherry. It’s a very clean system using only the highest quality materials.




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