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Trans-Africa in a 200 Series Land Cruiser, The Journey

In 2012, Expedition Portal member Stefan, known here as 4x4tripping, set out with his girlfriend in their 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser on a two-month journey through Africa. In this, the second installment of their story, we catch up with them during their first days on the continent as they reached landfall in the historic port of Tangier and set out to make the drive to Marrakech.

The first days in Marrakech were relaxing with mojitos at the Sky Bar and casual hours passed shopping in the Medina.

By day six, Stefan and his girlfriend had made their way south to Western Sahara. The desert landscape is a beautiful place and before long they had arrived on the boarder of Mauritania.

Day ten was spent in Kiffa. This part of Africa is a contrast of beautiful natural scenes framed by the poverty of the people. But, not all of those without are poor.

It wouldn’t be an overland trip without a small setback or two.

After 20 days on the road, Stefan and his girlfriend arrived on the crowded streets of Benin, Nigeria.

To read more about Stefan’s amazing trip, read the entire Expedition Portal thread.


You can learn more about Stefan’s Land Cruiser here: Trans Africa, The Build

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