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Toyota to Offer 30 Battery-powered EV Models with 3.5M Annual Global Sales Goal by 2030

Some interesting EV strategy updates from automotive powerhouse Toyota have been announced at a recent press conference, including manufacturing and sales goals for the decade ahead and an entirely new line of EVs dubbed the bZ (beyond zero) series.

This collection of five vehicles leads with the recently announced bZ4X electric SUV which is scheduled for delivery in 2023 and was developed in partnership with Subaru. Additional bZ models include a sporty-looking compact SUV, a large SUV with third-row seating, a small crossover, and a mid-sized sedan. Toyota will also be incrementally announcing electrified versions of their well-established nameplates moving forward, like the recently unveiled electric Tacoma.

But perhaps more interesting than their ambitious line of battery-powered EVs is the lofty goal of offering 30 battery-powered EV models globally by the year 2030, with a 3.5-million unit annual sales goal. This will be achieved with a dedicated battery-powered EV platform allowing for a variety of unique vehicles that are designed for specific global markets.

Toyota is positioning this push towards EVs as both an environmental and customer-centric initiative. They want to offer diverse personal and commercial transportation solutions while allowing people to continue living on this planet, happily. “For that challenge,” states Toyota President Akio Toyoda, “we need to reduce C02 emissions as much as possible, as soon as possible.”

Because this goal of reducing emissions is much bigger than just offering EVs to the masses, Toyota also aims to achieve carbon neutrality at their manufacturing facilities by the year 2035. While the actual methods by which they plan to achieve this have not been discussed, investment in new technologies is obviously going to be a big part of the strategy. They have already committed to a 2-trillion Yen spend over the next 26 years in battery technology, so it will be interesting to see how additional investments and innovation in the manufacturing process can guide Toyota towards a more sustainable EV future.


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