The Wheels of Spectre: Are the Cars of the 24th Bond Film the Best Yet?

For fans of the James Bond franchise, today offered a good tease with the official unveiling of the cars from the 24th installment of Albert R. Broccoli’s now legendary series. Announced as the Cars of Spectre, the villains in the forthcoming movie have impeccable taste in vehicles. Our readers will undoubtedly drool over the Defender with its overblown tires and kitschy hemp rope draped over the fenders and bumper. Bond toys are supposed to be lavish and excessive, and the Defender is precisely that.



B24_02679-DF_LowRes B24_02606-DF_LowRes


The Range Rover Sport in SVR trim is said to be the fasted Land Rover of all time, and it does look the part. As much as I love a good Landy 4×4, my eyes are drawn to the Jaguar C-X75 hyper car. If you don’t follow the exotic automotive news, think of the Jag as a Prius that doesn’t suck. With just under 800 hp, it is a hybrid combining awesomeness with badassedness.




After reading through the full press release today, I admit there were not many other details to report. We plebeian voyeurs into the world of high stakes international espionage are on a need to know basis, and that means we just get pretty pictures to enjoy. Like the women of a Bond movie, the cars are intended to be mysterious, untouchable, and lust worthy. And so they are.


Pass the popcorn.


B24_SU_04487_RT-DF2_LowRes B24_02679-DF_LowRes B24_03337_RT-DF_LowRes


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