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The Tufport Overlander Slide-in is Lightweight and Built with Heritage

When purchasing a camper, you simply cannot underestimate the value of experience. Tufport, based in Delta, British Columbia, has specialized in manufacturing industrial-grade truck slide-in units and van tops for the last 50 years. Their products include custom van interior installations, the Adventure slide-in for pickups, the Medical Mobile Treatment Centre (MTC) slide-in for workplace safety, the Fiberglass Insulated Seedling Transport (FIST) for seedling transport, and now the Overlander slide-in for mid-size and full-size trucks.

Constructed from a single piece of composite material, the Tufport Overlander boasts durability and a construction heritage that few other slide-in campers can match. Its lightweight nature is particularly appealing to travelers who rightly aim to avoid overloading their trucks, offering a fit for all full-size trucks with a 6.5-foot bed and mid-size trucks with a 6-foot bed. The design and manufacture of this lightweight slide-in camper aim to address the significant weight concern in the camper market, providing a practical solution without compromising on quality or, apparently, aesthetics.

Jeff Engelland, the President of Tufport, expressed the company’s commitment to innovation.

“For years, many dissatisfied traditional camper owners have asked us to make a camper built to Tufport’s standards. We’ve applied decades of experience to create a completely new design.”

Strategically, Tufport has expanded its existing collaboration with Wasatch Overland (based in West Valley City, south of Salt Lake City, Utah) to deliver custom-crafted camper interiors. Leveraging cutting-edge materials, 3D design software, and a team of skilled outdoor enthusiasts, Wasatch Overland focuses on crucial aspects such as weight reduction, safety, and efficient off-grid electrical systems. The Overlander comes packed with a range of features and benefits that set it apart, and its lightweight construction eliminates the need for a heavy-duty truck. The one-piece construction ensures a leak-proof experience, while a fully cored, vacuum-infused door keeps dust at bay. The Overlander offers three different interior designs with various sleeping configurations, catering to diverse user needs. Its 65-inch interior height is strategically designed to reduce draft while driving and lower the center of gravity, enhancing safety and stability, but may be less than optimal for taller travelers.

The Overlander camper is prepared for all climates, boasting ultra-four-season readiness. Comfort and adaptability are at the forefront of the Overlander’s design, and options for heat and plumbing cater to a range of preferences and needs, with the goal of ensuring ultimate comfort. The camper features cabinet storage for organized space management and an over-cab sleeping area for efficient use of space. It includes interior dome lights for illumination, screened and tinted windows for privacy and ventilation, and a roof vent to ensure proper air circulation.

Set to be available starting Spring 2024, the Tufport Overlander’s pricing is yet to be announced. But, based on the pricing of the other slide-in campers currently available, we would hazard to guess that the pricing will be highly competitive. The Overlander will be showcased at the Overland Expo West in May 2024 in Flagstaff, Arizona, and the Overland Expo Mountain West in August 2024 in Loveland, Colorado.


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Graeme Bell is an author and explorer who has dedicated his life to traveling the planet by land, seeking adventure and unique experiences. Together with his wife and two children, Graeme has spent the last decade living permanently on the road in a self-built Land Rover based camper. They have explored 27 African countries (including West Africa), circumnavigated South America, and driven from Argentina to Alaska, which was followed by an exploration of Europe and Western Asia before returning to explore the Americas. Graeme is the Senior Editor 4WD for Expedition Portal, a member of the Explorers Club, the author of six books, and an Overland Journal contributor since 2015. You can follow Graeme's adventures across the globe on Instagram at graeme.r.bell