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  • The Ferry XPress is now in operation connecting Panama to Colombia

The Ferry XPress is now in operation connecting Panama to Colombia

For travelers heading south from Panama to Colombia, one of the most significant logistical hurdles has always been how to navigate around the Darien Gap. Until October of this year, the standard procedure has been to load your vehicle into a shipping container for a sea voyage around the Gap, then book air travel to Colombia. Travelers now have a new, easier, and cheaper alternative, the Ferry Xpress.
As well as being much faster and easier than the old crossing method, this option also works out much cheaper.For a standard 4×4 the all-in price for vehicle and 2 people works out to about ~$700USD. That’s at least $300USD less than Overlanders have recently been paying just to ship their truck – they would normally have to purchase plan tickets after that.Driving the Pan American Highway from Alaska to Argentina just got a good deal easier and cheaper!All the details, including price breakdown, very detailed instructions of sailing in each direction and all the paperwork requirements can be found at http://wikioverland.org/Panama_to_colombia_car_ferry_xpress

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Dan Grec is an adventurer, snowboarder and photographer based in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. Growing up in Australia gave Dan a passion for travel and exploration, and years of family road trips around the continent re-enforced that passion. In 2011 Dan set out in his Jeep Wrangler and drove 40,000miles from Alaska to Argentina, passing through some 16 countries over 22 months. You can connect with Dan, and learn more about his developing adventures at: The Road Chose Me